Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October's meeting of the IWSG

It's another meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group - we meet to well, support each other in our crazy desires to be part of the writing life. If you're interested go to the link above and sign up or at least have a boo - lots of great blogs to visit!

October....mmmmh.....fall colours, Thanksgiving*, beautiful light, hunkering down for the long Northern winter.

So let's go around and see how we can support each other. I'll check in first. My name is Jan and I'm a writer. This last month has been strange because I've been getting lots of rejections. That's because I sent out a whack of queries in June and they are coming home to roost (or rot!). Logically I am aware that I'm getting so many because of how many I sent out but it is bumming me out. Also, I'm trying to finish Crooked Knife and it is soooooo hard! So I feel kind of whiny and like a little kid. What I'd like to hear from you - my support peeps - is that this feeling will pass and I should just carry on - that it was brave of me to send so many queries out and of course it is unpleasant to be rejected over and over again. And that Crooked Knife will be shit-hot when it is done and I need to not give up on it either. Yah, like that.


In other news, next week I will read two poems at a poetry reading of a new friend. I'm the one that suggested since she was visiting this remote northern paradise she should read. Now I'm organizing it and will read two of my Labrador inspired poems. Looking forward to it.

And here is a photo I took last week at about 6 AM after watching Venus rise and seeing Northern Lights. This is our gate onto the beach. Heaven.

* - for the last time, Amuricans - Canucks have it earlier because our Harvest is earlier. Deal with it. And Thursdays have zero to do with our Thanksgiving. Neither does football. Turkeys, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce (only it will be redberry here) and all that sure, but football? No.


Margot Kinberg said...

That is a gorgeous 'photo, Jan! Thanks for sharing. And I know all about how those rejections feel. Just because they are part of the writing process doesn't make them any fun. At all.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Love the picture!

Rejections tell you that you're putting yourself out there. Keep moving forward and you'll feel better! Working on other projects is probably the best medicine there is. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cool shot.
Remember, the baseball player with the most home runs also has the most strikeouts. Just keep swinging.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks you all! Just what I wanted...