Friday, January 27, 2017

Might have to change the title of this blog...

I`m still Jan Morrison but the `this crazy writing life`might need an edit. I might need to just say `this crazy life` or  `this crazy drawing, watching, protesting, anything-but-writing life`.

On the positive side, if I`m outing myself in this way it does mean I can make a fresh start at this year. The Buddhist New Year isn`t until the end of February so that could be it - but no, think I`ll fly at it a bit earlier.

Maybe I`ll remember my old Kaizen approach. That is the discipline where one makes incremental changes instead of huge ones, in the hopes of your amygdala not acting up (I call it the Gorilla). The Gorilla doesn`t like changes of any kind. So I will make my changes small. I will tell the fella that I want to move my desktop computer downstairs because stairs are hard for me now and will be really hard after hip surgery. Then I will promise myself to work for half an hour on the new novel. That`s it. Just half an hour - no number limits. Nope. One half hour.

Yep. That`s what I`m going to do.

Thanks - youse guys always help me the most. Here`s a drawing I did in my one drawing a day klass.

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Margot Kinberg said...

I know what you mean about change, Jan. But as you say, small changes can set big things in motion. And most of us find small changes easier to take. One step at a time...