Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Day Late and a Loonie * Short

Hello my dears, I missed the IWSG meeting yesterday. I missed lots yesterday. I was struck down by a very temporary bug and left work for home and didn't manage to do much. I have to say that would be fairly typical for this time of year. Nothing to do with the plunging temperature and falling snow either. Its the dons. 
 the period 10 days before Losar (this year, from the 19th-28th of February) is the time known as the don season, a time when heightened mindfulness and awareness are needed.
Just as most of us feel a sign of relief at dusk, knowing the work day is almost over, feeling that soon we can kick back and relax—that is also the exact time during the day when our mindfulness wanes, when we have a tendency to be a bit careless. That is why those who meditate in the Tibetan tradition do “protector chants” just at that time, to rouse and reassert awareness.
Just so, at the waning of the old year, when Spring has not yet sprung and Winter is still dragging on, we may find ourselves longing for some sign of Spring—that dreamy hope pulls us away from being fully present and can make us vulnerable in mindless moments. And a slip, a fall, an accident only takes a moment (I should know, having fallen just last week). This vulnerable time of year known as don season seems to be when the old karma from the past year comes home to roost.(From the Buddhist magazine - Elephant Journal - last year - writer - Linda Lewis)
Some Buddhists don't even like to mention the dons - feeling that it would be better to ignore this period - but even though I've certainly been caught this year (my karma gave my butt a good hard kick when it came to certain mindless practices I've been engaging in) - I think it is a good thing. One is to keep one's head down - do a lot of meditating (yep! done that) and treat yourself like you might have a bit of a bug. So I guess I got one so that would be easy.

How might this carry over to the IWSG - well, I missed it. I didn't pay attention even though I thought about it Monday and could have prepared then. And that means I missed out on those who might have come by and also those that did and saw my last week's post (which was very suitable for the IWSG though). And that makes me feel bad because I love the IWSG. So ... I will hasten slowly to wake-up and see what else I've missed.

On another note it is the anniversary of my dear Daddio's death. I miss him like the dickens most every day and certainly on this one. Here's a photo or two of him... one on the deck of our cottage enjoying a gab with his pal - John Boulet, and the other years later reading to his grand-daughter Brynn when she was a little squidge - not the grownup mama she is now.


Glass Half Full said...

A very lovely and inspiring post. Even the other half how cites the Dons at this time of year. Remembering Dad just adds to the complexity of this time of year. But not that many days left in the Dons, right? PLEASE?

Jan Morrison said...

Only til Monday. It's a neutral day and then Tuesday is New Year. Yay.

Liza said...

Deep breath. Focus. Patience. These will get you through. IWSG is just a bonus.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your Daddio, Jan. You were lucky to have had him in your life. And there are some times when you just do need to keep your head down, focus, and reflect. That's part of what gives you the mindfulness and strength to go on. Hope you're feeling better now.

Hart Johnson said...

What a brilliant concept! Makes total sense, too. I have had a number of reckless Februaries... erm... I wonder how much of this fell into why Lent and Easter fall when they do, Lent being a sort of forced sobriety as spring approaches.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I like the idea of considering oneself just a bit ill during those down times, and February has always been one of those months for me. Although I'm not in a wintery climate, it's still colder here than it was in Guatemala, and I haven't quite adjusted yet to the cooler temperatures. I'm wearing layers and sweaters!