Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Daddio

My Daddio would have had his 91st birthday today.  Yep, I miss him like the dickens, and know my siblings, Don and Jude, feel the same. And his grandchildren - Jess, Cal, Kachina, Brynn, Harry, Lucasie, and Annessa. And his most wonderful wife, our step-mother, Stella, and her daughter, Frances, and grandchildren - Kate and Eric. Then there are the five (so far) great grandchildren. And all the others - his children's partners, their children's partners and so on and so on. And his nieces and nephews. Oh, and his friends. All of that - all of his lineage of loving and being a very good guy. We'll be thinking of him today with fondness, remembering his way of looking at the world, his love of games, of funny rituals, of being honest and true. 

Here he reads to his granddaughter Brynn (who is...ahem...in her thirties)

Thanks Daddio! 


Margot Kinberg said...

What a lovely tribute, Jan. I'm so glad you had a loving Daddio in your life - we all need that sort of richness.

Stubblejumpin Gal said...

I agree. Good, loving men who are good and loving often enough to be remembered that way are a blessing in our lives.

Unknown said...

Great picture of Uncle Lloyd. Have a Merry Christmas and great time back in Nova Scotia
Cousin Keith