Thursday, December 31, 2015

A sort of plan for 2016

I'm still on the road, leaving today to head back to Labrador but want to set my writing intentions for the New Year.  As I'm writing this on a wee padlike thing it will be pithy! Also, I have to start packing soon. This is a good thing, since my key learning this year is simple. And there is no more to that sentence. Our life in Labrador is extremely simple and that is good news for my writing and meditation practices. So here goes:

Bright Angel - my latest draft is with my mentor. When he gets it back to me I'll do whatever needs doing then get it copy edited and send it out.

Crooked Knife - while Bright Angel is out I'll finish the first draft of this mystery. I'm thinking that will be a month. I'll then let it brew for a month.

Poems - I intend to start sending out my poetry on a regular basis. This is not difficult but I get lazy.

Old Manuscripts- I have 3 old ms that could use either some love or a sharp killing blow. If I have the time (depending entirely on how BA and CK are doing) I will decide on whether to revise or execute.

That's it.

Simple wha?


Margot Kinberg said...

I like the way you've set some clear goals for yourself, Jan. I think we're all more likely to reach goals that are simple, do-able and clear. I wish you a safe trip back, and a peaceful, healthful and prosperous 2016!

Liza said...

Always good to have goals. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Tabitha Bird said...

Simple is very good. All the best with those goals