Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And Next

There is always a 'and next' in life. My 'and next' at this moment is to dive back into my novel and rework the ending again. I need to polish the new beginning chapter (which should take about three or four sessions of writing max) but I know how that will be done. It was a new beginning and so rougher than the rest. Enough said on that. The big 'to do' is the ending - the ending includes the chapters that lead up to the climax, the climax, and the chapter that follows that event. I sent my mentor the reworked ending a few weeks back and now we've had a nice long juicy conversation about it. He loves the new beginning but the new ending - not so much. Nothing has been lost with this process though. I rewrote the ending because he and I both agreed that it was a tough call and I needed to explore a different way to work it. I was happy with the new ending but for the wrong reason. It was clever. Clever is so friggin' dangerous, wha? It was clever but it wasn't true and he caught that. True is what the first ending was. It was true but still needs a lot of work. I need to spend more time so that I will be sure that although everyone might not like what happens, they will understand it is inevitable. Confused? Don't worry - it doesn't need to make sense to you - just me right now. I think the couple of people who have been with me on this journey will get what I'm about and the rest of you will have to wait for the novel to come out.

The good news is that I see this as the end of it - and I am happy to spend more time here because I see that I'm nearly finished. Yes. Nearly finished and it will be published. Oh - I don't know by who and by when but I know it. And that, my friends, has me over the moon.

Now, how can you help? You can help as you always do by witnessing my plan. Just knowing a couple of sets of eyes will fall on this will help me get back on the horse and finish this thing. So... a plan. Here it is:

1. I will work an hour a day on weekdays (all I can offer while my job is on) and as many weekend hours as I can.
2. I will be completely done by October 20th and sent off to my mentor. Why that date? Because that is a year to the day since I met my mentor at the writers' retreat called Piper's Frith in Newfoundland - found my voice and went back atter. And I like the roundness of that. It gives me 29 days to get it done. However I am leaving on the 17th for Ottawa so chances are I'll be finished before I go. I hope. Nice to have a date though.
And this is out my window. Well, it isn't there now but one like it will be back I'm sure.


Susan Kane said...

Just the town's name--Piper's Firth--thrills me. Wishing you renewed fervor.

Mason Canyon said...

Love the photo and I'm sure you'll be finished in plenty of time.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks you two - did my first hour last night. Worked eight hours, came home and had a psychotherapy phone session with old client, wrote for an hour, got called into work for an emergency session (fighting clients), came home and meditated. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a great feeling, Jan, when the end is in sight, even if you're not there quite yet? And I think your plan sounds great. Thanks too for the great 'photo :-) I love rainbows

Jan Morrison said...

We get lots of rainbows here at the edge of the world! Yes, the end is in sight. I've been able to stick to my plan so far and don't see why I won't continue.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

October 20 - pulling for you!
It's tough when an ending doesn't work, but sounds like you know a new direction to take.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Finding your voice, finding a mentor and working an hour a day are 3 major accomplishments as a writer. I look forward to hearing more about your book!