Friday, July 10, 2015

Disruptions, distractions and bedevilment

Ten whole days since I posted. A week ago I was in the truck with Ron making our way from New Brunswick to northern Quebec. Now, I'm finishing up my first week back at work and it seems like my three weeks home never happened. Life is a dream - sha boom sha boom.

The trouble with vacations is that one's routine gets disrupted. I had been getting up at about 5 or 5:30 in the morning to work on my revision. Since I've been back I haven't done that. I was going to say that I haven't been able to - but how could that be true? Of course, I could. I just haven't. While I was away I did some work on my ms - I had a hard copy of most of the revision with me and worked on Ron's laptop. But it wasn't very satisfactory - hard to work without a desk or even a table. I managed to stay in touch with my work though and felt that was good. Until the last week - then it all went away. Too much disruption, distraction and bedevilment.

Now, how do I get back on the path? I plan to work on it this weekend. No reason why not - I have some chores to do and an art show to help prepare for (a group show where I'll have some photos) but I should be able to put in at least four hours.

The weather is crap. Cold and rainy. I think they had summer here while we were in Nova Scotia where it was cold and rainy. I'm trying not to be sooky but damn! I want some beach. Anywhoozie - good for writing.

It was truly fun to see Death, the Musical performed in Chester. The actors all did an amazing job and the music was heavenly. I saw lots of old pals - some that I hadn't seen in years.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer (or winter for those of you in the southern hemisphere) and I'll see you around the water cooler.


Margot Kinberg said...

It is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it, Jan? We need time away to rejuvenate and 'recharge the batteries.' And it helps us stay 'fresh.' But the daily routine of life is necessary, too, and it can be hard to get back to it.

Margot Kinberg said...
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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hope the weather is cooperating better now! Wish I could send our hot days up your way.

I'm with you...having gotten back home a week ago, it's been tricky to get back into the swing of things. Fingers crossed I can get a routine going this week.

Dawn said...

What 'swing of things"? I want one of those.