Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday! Get thee to thy desk, wretch

I will. I am. I'm here but I'm babbling on my blog. Soon I will stop - turn on a tomato and away I go. I've walked with the dog and had my gruel so I'm ready to write. I even know what I'm working on - my piece for work-shopping at Piper's Frith. Frith! Not Firth. Same thing but different name. The place is Piper's Hole really, but no one wants that at breakfast, so the writers, being writers, renamed it. Frith has a lovely sound I think - whispery celtic fairy with a bit of a well aged scotch in a nice solid glass with a bowl of cranachan for those hungry moments. Or a fella playing a sheep's stomach with no knickers on. Take your pick.

So...anyway...that's what I'll work on. Also I might look at sending a few poems out, which, I'm well aware, I've been saying I'm going to do for awhile. Not sure what the hesitancy is right now - I may try to delve that or I might just say 'shag it' and send some out despite my balking.

Enough for now. I'll get atter.  This first photo is Bella chasing Yellow Legs, futilely. The second is one of the paths between houses in Mud Lake - no cars! love it.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Love those 'photos! And it's very good to catch up on what you're writing. I know all about the hesitancy in sending things out; I do that, too. I find it's worth it to go ahead...