Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And so to write

Today it is storming up something wild, the rain is raining, the wind is (well, not winding) blowing, and I'm to writing!

I had a good morning so far...wrote a letter to one son, made another healthy breakfast on my 10 Day Detox diet (two egg omelette with home-grown sprouts, fresh garlic and a dab of hot sauce) and I found my rug-hooking hook and pulled out some wool. I'm making a wee mat for someone special - lots of fun too design. Haven't hooked in over twenty years. Probably thirty...come to think of it.

And now to Bright Angel, which is galloping along. If I get done earlier than the time I want to write, I'll find those three poems I want to send out.

I like a nice calming rain, don't you?

This is from yesterday, when Bella and I went to third beach for a picnic...


Mason Canyon said...

Sometimes the rains can have a calming effect and make work so much easier. I can't image hooking a rug. Be sure to post a photo when you're finished.

Liza said...

I love the days when the weather "allows" me to sit inside and write.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Mason, yes I will - probably as I go too though it is a gift so I might have to hold off until it is mailed! It is easy as anything to hook, takes a bit of time but no real difficulty.

So do I, Liza. I made an oath a few blogs back to let it tell me everyday, especially as we transit into fall around here. Bella and I go out in all weather but less in the teeming rain. Snow? No problem. It was good as I got my revision done. Yippee!