Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainy Tuesdays and writing

It is raining here, the wee beasty will still need a stroll but I'm feeling very Tuesday which is to say that I want to write even though I really have nothing here - Bright Angel and my poetry both with readers. I will talk to the poetry reader today - she tried to get a hold of me yesterday but we had no internet (forest fire in the west - which makes this rain a blessing). But that isn't writing - it is talking - even if it is writing related.

I think I might start something brand new. Not a BuNo entry because we are ten days into that but just this germ of an idea based on my great great's emigration story. We'll see. I should name it - that's how I start even if the name doesn't last it pushes me on to the next thing.

So...I was away for a bit following my intuition through google and quotes and so on - the working title is

How the Light Moved Upon the Water

Weird I know. I have no idea why but I'll just follow it for awhile and then we'll see. Couldn't be happier than with Bright Angel and that started as something else - and I wouldn't have gotten to a title I like without a title to get me there!

Now I'm going to write so excuse me.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I'm so happy to hear you're moving ahead on that idea. It sounds fascinating, and sometimes those little unexpected ideas are the best ones.