Saturday, June 14, 2014

How She Goes

A week until we head back to Nova Scotia! This weekend will be full of lasts for awhile. We'll go visit the fella's mother and it will probably be the last that I see her until late August though the fella will visit her this week. We'll get a few groceries although we are trying to empty the fridge. We are going to take the canoe out this evening for a little adventure - we are taking out a Peace Vase - go here to see photos and description of one we took to Muskrat Falls - to put into Lake Melville.  This will be a first for me - going out in a canoe here. It isn't really the sort of canoeing either the man or I like - we are fond of our deep inlet in Prospect but still - it is always good to go out on the water.

As to my work - Bright Angel is chugging along. The changes aren't as onerous as I thought - alarmist that I am and it is good work. What do I mean by that? I guess that it feels like digging a garden or building a wall. It is hard but it has a logic and sense to it that keeps me working.

Yesterday most of the day was gone with me working up a resume for a job that I'm applying for. This year has been a most wondrous adventure of having oodles of time to write and wander but next year (this fall!) I must work. I will write the better for it even if it has to be tucked around the edges.

Now I must go and figure out how to transport my photo images back to Nova Scotia in their full size as I want to see about a show.

Later, my friends...
and here is a bit of evolving beach art!


Robyn said...

Love the Peace Vase project! Safe travels. Sorry to miss you on your way through but I trust we will connect at some point in time. XOX

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I wish you well as you end the Labrador chapter and open the Nova Scotia one. Safe, peaceful move!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

"oodles of time to write" Ah, that sounds delicious.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks for your messages... and yes Karen the 'oodles of time to write' was delicious and daunting! Margot - we are coming back to Labrador after a scant two months in Nova Scotia. I'm good with that - it is still an adventure but the being unemployed thing must end!