Sunday, May 18, 2014

What is happening?

How bizarre it is to have severed ties with facebk! That very awareness convinces me that I have done the right thing. It is like I'm without a pack of cigarettes or dreaming of sugar when I've given it up. Yes, for me it was an addiction. I know for many of you that it is possible to go on fb once in awhile and feel no different when you can't get to it but it wasn't that way for me. I liked  many things - how I made it my own with my poems and photos - how I could easily find folks that I hadn't been in contact with for a long time - but more and more those things also became the poison of it. I had to let folks become 'friends' because I wasn't able to say - 'no, we aren't friends and I'm not interested in anything you are nor are you interested, really, in me.' The lovely comments and many likes of my writing and photography became something I felt I needed in order to create - which is of itself the death of creativity.

I'm now back 'on purpose' as they say - my poems for my project are flooding out of me, my work on Bright Angel also moving much quicker than I thought. As well, I'm back here blogging. Some might say what is the difference but all of you who do both will easily know the answer to that! facebooking is like reading People Magazine - it is reading but it isn't like reading anything you truly want in your head. Blogging is like reading good magazines with interesting articles, photos and short stories or poems. Perhaps not a New Yorker but close. Or fb is like watching reality television shows and blogging is like historical bbc shows. You know! It is slower and I have to tend my blog friendships or they will go away - I can not depend on an audience being fed my stuff - I have to read, comment, build trust etc... - I have to show up and write posts that are relevant and engaging. I must, in short, be slower and more deliberate in all ways.
I like that. I am a hand-quilter, a walker, a slow-food movement gal. I like making time mine instead of being held hostage by it.

I'd love to hear about how any of you deal with social media and keep your head about you.

Here is a photo of a walk me and the fella took yesterday ...for more go to Sojourner


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So glad that you feel focused and productive. Isn't that the greatest feeling!? I can't wait to hear more about your projects as they move along.

Clarissa Draper said...

I went off facebook last year and now I'm just on goodreads and twitter. I love that I've been able to lessen my social media addiction. I feel the same as you, my creativity has come back. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Jan,
So lovely to be popping back here and then to read something so relevant.

I was seduced by FB and now the romance is over. I got burned out creatively and stopped blogging too.

Realised I "needed" the audience way too much, so...

Thank you for your words - it's nice to be back here.

nick said...

I agree Facebook can be very addictive even if you're getting very little back from it in the way of genuine inspiration or mature discussion. I still visit Facebook regularly to keep up with friends (including people I've actually met!) and for the often witty banter. But I could easily do without it if I had to. I do agree that blogging is more satisfying and creative because you have to put some serious thought and commitment into it. As for Twitter, it just seems to be the mindless burblings of the under-occupied.