Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Insecure? Who me?

                     IS NOW IN SESSION

The monthly meeting of the IWSG is now in session. Take your seats please. Now who has something to report? I see that Elspeth Antonelli over at It's a Mystery sent her sheep in lieu. Happy to see you but step away from the treats table until AFTER the meeting (they will drink and graze to the extreme). Elspeth can't make the meeting - she's too busy WRITING. The nerve. Elizabeth S-C over at Mystery Writing is Murder is also too busy to meet. She's ... hmmm.... let me see - WRITING! What is this - an epidemic? Also the Tartlette from The Watery Tart - busy with her new release!  Harumph!

Well I can tell you that this member is not too busy with all that writing stuff to come to the IWSG - nooooo...oh sirree bob. I'm a little pooped from 26 days of blogging for the A to Zed (as we call it in Canada) and yes I have got nine poems looking for homes (ooh - see that - a rhyme!) and just today I whipped off a synopsis. DID YOU GET THAT? True. I wrote a synopsis of Bright Angel in like twenty minutes - okay two hours but that is several months less than it usually takes me. I think I know why too. I think I finally have a novel with a plot - you know with a character arc and the whole shebang. Wow! Who knew???

Now I'm on my way with said synopsis to have my lovely editor have a boo - then I'm entering it in the Southwest Annual Writing Contest. Kazowie! I know I know - I'm a Northeast writer but apparently they DON'T GIVE A CARE!

Upstairs my guy and his son are putting in new windows. I have a play about to pop and half my actors are down with the dreaded lurgy but I don't care. Why? Cuz I wrote a synopsis in two hours!!!!

See you next month and don't forget to introduce yourself to Elspeth's sheep. They are lovely and they kick butt when it comes to writer's blockages.
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Suzanne Furness said...

Go you with the synopsis! They can be tricky customers! I'll check out the sheep.

Liza said...

Hooray for you! I was able to do my synopsis ok too...but the query letter that killed me! Glad you have had such a productive writing period!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So glad to hear your synopsis is done! That's such a big step and it can take a long time. Good on ya!

M. J. Joachim said...

Good for you - on all counts. New windows are wonderful! Congratulations on crossing the A - Z finish line! :)