Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Writing in a new spot

How are you with changing your writing routine? Does it exhilarate you or make you cranky? Perhaps a bit of both? I'm in a very different spot. On Saturday I lived in a basement apartment in Boutilier's Point with gorgeous views of St. Margaret's Bay, lots of trees and woody paths. As of Sunday I live in a charming home in the tiny windswept village of Prospect. It is closer to the house we live in Prospect Bay and we have room for my step-dot. I'm quite besotted with the place if you want to know the truth. I will post some pictures and you will be too.

here's our new home...

 It is a stellar place to experience heavy-duty weather which we are sure to get some of in the next few days. Oh, I don't get all crazed with weather news - gawd - we'd all be crying end of days if I believed everything the weather hysterics said BUT we will get some weather and it will be a great place to experience it.

This morning, it being Tuesday, Gwen made the trek out to write. And we did. She got a fire going in the stove - it is warm out but very blustery and the wood-stove has a lovely glass window to see the fire. I made a fresh pot of coffee and we wrote. I'm working with my usual desktop computer right now but to write this morning I loaded my book onto the fella's laptop so we could both sit together around the fireplace. I got a fair bit done - I'm mostly taking all the tedious back-story out at this point. I'm also mining for gold and getting rid of all my 'justs, reallys, trulys,' and other fluffed up verbiage. I've got a main bit of info on one of the characters that I gave away far too easily in the second chapter - I've taken it out and am just waiting to see where it can go now.

After a couple of hours we took the beast for a stroll down to the village. It is one of those oh-so-magical places with funny little houses all topsy-turvied about little hills on a point of land that sticks far into the Atlantic.

It is five minutes away from the subdivision I have lived in for the past ten years which has its own charms - woods and fields - some nice homes and some subdivisiony ones. This isn't like that. Nothing grows very tall here and if you are going to have a garden you have to bring in all your earth every year as the wind just scrapes it off the rocky ground and scatters it. It is terribly romantic for all that.

I'm smitten. Have to figure out if I can live in such a romantic spot for two months and get work done too. We'll see.


Words A Day said...

hope you manage to get some work done, it'll be interesting to see if the atmoshere of your stunning environment seeps into your fiction and poetry. I've just moved to a new writing place, to a desk in my bedroom. Its in front of a window, if I look up I can go into a trance for ages...and its not even that scenic, its the birds in the bare branches, their movements hypnotise me... :)

Liza said...

Oh so lovely. Looks like a place of inspiration to me! I'm sure lots of creativity will come of it!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Those are beautiful 'photos! Thanks for sharing. And it is such an interesting experience to write in a new spot. For me it depends what that spot is and how comfortable I feel there. I've had some great experiences with that kind of change. And some that weren't.

Anonymous said...

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