Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, Gwen, writing, another home

This will be quick. Gwen arrived to find me in my nightgown, the fella on his laptop, the dog moaning, and the rain coming down. We're all slow here at the ranch. The fella isn't working in the rain though he says he will go in to town to see about a new one (he's been building an end of a wharf shed). I am going to write with Gwen then go into town later to pickup our CSA and then off to Gwen's home for our writing group. Our writing group doesn't meet nearly enough and I hope we can change that tonight. I'm going to push for a much more steady meeting time and see if folks are up for crits being done in between times too. I need that right now - I have my first draft of Bright Angel ready to be revised and I want some feedback soon.

The poetry class is going great guns - half of us workshopped our third poems yesterday and I have a fair amount of revising to do there. It is SOOOOOO satisfying to hear what folks have to say - to have 18 sets of eyes looking at the puzzle of a new poem. Everyone is open, kind and mostly young so it is very interesting. I continue to develop my theme of domesticity and wildness.

We have found another temporary home and will be moving into it November first. This one has been good but we didn't know we'd be out of our own home (you mean you own a home and can't move into it? how could that be?) so long and we can't have the step-dot here so that isn't good. (out of her school district and only one bedroom). We'll be moving into the village of Prospect - a short drive from where we did live and where we intend on living again (Prospect Bay) and a house with bedrooms etc... We know the folks who own it and they just want temporary people to keep it warm through the winter. Voila!

If I know I'm going to be there until at least February 1st perhaps this unsettling feeling will leave. We will be able to have Christmas (or our weird Buddhist-Pagan version of it). Our stuff will be moved into self-storage because it can't be in the trailer much longer. Oh gawd I'm going to stop thinking of this right now cuz I start getting anxious again. The thing is, the thing I'm holding onto, is that I can stand another weird move as long as it means getting our girl close again. There.

Now I'm going to attend to Bright Angel for a bit. And talk to Gwen and take the dog for a soaking wet walk as he won't stop moaning.

If you want to see what else I've been up to go to Living the Complicated Simple Life and see my newest photo essay of our trip to Annapolis Valley on the Thanksgiving Weekend.
Here's a photo to lure you there: it is of a winery in the valley - Muir Murray.


Liza said...

Consider me lured. Heading over.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Your life sounds so exciting! I am wishing I had a writing group as I have some heavy critique stuff to plough through. Hope you have a nice warm winter in your new home!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - That is a lovely 'photo! And I hope you'll feel more comfortable in your sort-of-new-digs. It'll be so wonderful when this whole settles out.