Tuesday, August 28, 2012

here I am!

here I am! it is a Tuesday and therefore a writing with Gwen day. Not sure if she's coming out here but perhaps. the fella and I were going to go canoeing but it is slightly rainy so he's off to work and I'm going to tackle the bins and boxes in the middle of the floor.

moving was rough for a number of reasons. we moved from three floors (3 bedrooms, office, huge workshop, boats, etc ... to a container and a one-bedroom garden (basement?) flat. We brought a few bits of furniture, our couch and a chair and our large dining room table and four of its chairs. We brought lots of cooking stuff cuz that's what we like to do and paperwork, one desk-top computer and a few laptops (this one is a teeny-tiny as my desk-top needs a wifi adaptor). And the dog who is settling down nicely as we bought his very stinky dog-bed and plus the smells on the walks around here are all new and tantalizing.

the woman who owns the house that encloses this flat is a friend and a professional cook. She fed us the first two nights when we were brain-fagged with tiredness. Last night was our third night here and almost everything is here. Ron has some more tools (gaah! where to put?) and a barbeque and some plant pots.

the most important thing is that we set up my desk last night. It is in the room that has everything - kitchen, living and dining space but we settled on a nice spot where we'd put a sort of coffee and toast centre - the kitchen has few plugs so that has been a struggle. I didn't want to be in the bedroom as it is a little dark and no view. So, although I write this on the teeny-tiny on the couch, when I don't need to be connected I'll be over at my little table plunking away later on.

As soon as the desk was set-up I relaxed in a more profound way than I had. Now I have my spot. And  you know, every dog needs his spot!

As to what sort of writing I might get up to today - I think I'm leaving Bright Angel to ripen for a month or so and going back to True to do another revision.

Today the house closes and that will be another huge relief. It was terrible saying goodbye to it but it will be heaven to say goodbye to financial fear! I have much material to let settle in my mind ... I'm certain it will end up on the page somewhere.

And how are the vicissitudes of life treating you? And how does it affect your writing?


sue said...

I find it tough shifting house, and seem to experience deep grief for a long time, missing the birds, the light on the trees and the garden through the seasons - no matter how much the new place is more suitable.

I hope you get out and about on the water soon!

Some events squelch my writing and seem to starve it for air, others demand to be put on 'paper'.

I hope you settle soon so that your space wraps itself around you in a familiar way.

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So glad you have gotten to your new place. When I've moved I've found that it takes time to really make a place one's own. But once you do, you start to leave your "print" there. I wish you well as you settle in. Good to hear too that you settled on the other house :-).

Carol Kilgore said...

I'm glad you found your spot! I've been lax at keeping up with everyone over the summer, but I hope to rectify that after my September blog break.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Glad you're settling in and found your writing space!