Sunday, July 29, 2012

There was no Saturday...

For me, yesterday did not happen. I awoke with a bad headache and the day passed with me on the couch, re-reading Keri Hulme's The Bone People, eating nothing but two bowls of rice, and feeling unwell. Finally, at about 7, the headache lifted. I watched a movie with the fella and then a movie on my own. (Parsley Days and Cold Comfort Farm). This morning I still have a ghost of a headache but will try and have a regular if a bit slow day.

We have sold the house! Oh, I suppose we aren't supposed to break open the champagne until the 3rd when we find out if their financing is good - or tomorrow night after the house inspector has come by - but I feel on the whole that we have sold it. And we have less than a month to move. I am very happy at this - only one family came to look at it - until Wednesday it had only been other Realtors. And we got what we wanted. I'm fairly gob-smacked at that - not that it isn't worth it - it is worth more - but that our luck seems to be turning. If you believe in such things. I don't generally but will welcome the feeling right now.

This morning early (sixish) my fella brought me to the living room window. Out in the front garden was a doe eating some of my flowers. So heavenly - her crazy tail flicking with enjoyment as she tucked in to what? I don't know - not the day lilies - they don't like them and not the hosta - oddly - the one I have just so they have something to eat that I don't care for. It doesn't matter. It was so very very nice to see it standing in our garden.

Today I am going to write a synopsis for my new work (Bright Angel) and see how it goes. I am still unsure of the climax so hope to loosen it up and see what is there. I will probably use the Hero's Journey to figure it as that is a tool I like. It is foggy here but it may burn off but I will not do anything to energetic at any rate - just putter about the house - thinking of what needs to be done.

So...I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but here ya go  - the day went walk-about and these are the fragments left to me.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So sorry to hear about your headache. They can be so, so debilitating! I am delighted though that the house has been sold and all seems to be going well. I'll be hoping that the financing and inspection go well. In the meantime.... glad you're back on your feet and ready to do that synopsis.