Friday, June 1, 2012

June the very First - BuNoWriMo begins!

And I have nothing to report. I had to write my facebook poem and then I wanted to just mention this for any last minute fence sitters! Come on in! The water is more than fine. I'm writing with a blank page - I even lost my title -The Barrens - it was too serious for my mood and I think it is a good one for a Kitty MacDonald mystery and I'm not starting another of those yet. It'll keep.
To reiterate my goal - I want to write 25 thousand brand-new words on a brand-new novel in June. I also want to finish my revision of the first KD mystery and get it out into the world. There. And I have a good blank day to start on. Only one later in the day client and a bit of gardening to do...
Just to tell you that last night I went to the Tom Petty concert with my eldest son who is a huge fan. I really never allowed Petty to leap into my heart but wow he is there now. What a kick-ass concert! I think it gave me reams and reams of inspiration about so many things. The warm-up act was The Blind Boys of Alabama which would have made me the happiest person going all on its own. They were amazing! Boy - gospel music is the one thing I regret around having converted to Buddhism but you know, other than my mum's love for it I never heard it anywhere else - like church. Ah well.
I'll report later when I have something started. Hope your June is off to a good start.


sue said...

Even I like a decent bit of gospel music, just not the other stuff that goes along with it. I can just visualise a group of saffron robed monks tapping their toes at the concert ;)

Glad you've now met some of your characters and are getting to know them.

have a lovely weekend Jan.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Sounds like you had a super time at the concert. btw what is bunowrimo?