Saturday, June 9, 2012

Free Falling Saturday!

9 days into the BuNoWriMo - I have 11 thousand of my 25 thousand words done on my wip - Good Enough. No, that is the name of the book, not a statement of complacency. I'm in that delicious mode of thinking about my story as I fall asleep. What will my crazy cast of characters get-up to next? Will they up and move to Sante Fe? Gosh, I hope not. I have them securely (or not) placed in a made-up village down the south shore of Nova Scotia. I can get to this place - it is an amalgam of places I've already lived in. Sante Fe - erm...went there once as a kid. Love New Mexico and have one pal there and used to have some distant relatives. Can't get there on my limited resources except by the Internet. So I hope that my protagonists (yes, two of them) will just be there long enough to find something out and then head back to Nova Scotia.
It is raining. Really really raining. I wanted to put the final big push on for the house but don't feel like gardening in this. I just looked out and saw a lone gorgeous yellow Iris has bloomed! So beautiful and there are others about to join it.
I can work on other aspects of the house - still have some window sills to clean and this office to make a bit more tidy. The upstairs is great! I need to keep up with dusting, vacuuming and cleaning but everything is fine and in its place. The main floor is pretty good - some work clearing a kitchen counter, a few windows to sparkle up. Ron has the deck done and the stuccoing in the back started - can't work in the rain - that is what happened the first time and why he has to do the back again. The yard in back is fairly picked up - just a few bits and bobs to take care of.
The lower floor is not bad. I want Ron to spark up his part of the rec room (his desk) and we need to organize the shelves in the furnace room. But mostly good. He will keep his workshop tidy as need be. So...
Tomorrow I want to go canoeing. It is to be sunny and if we take off early in the morning we should be able to get a few hours in before coming back and doing the outside stuff. I would say that I NEED to go canoeing. Here is a whale we saw a few years ago in the bay. Isn't that the most thrilling thing? It is to me.
The reason I want to go canoeing so bad is threefold. One fold is that I am absolutely the happiest when I'm out in the bay with my fella. The second fold is that it reminds me of why I live here where it is a bit more difficult than if we lived right in Halifax (can't go out for a latte and Globe & Mail so easily). The third fold is that it is the reason why we are selling the house. It is too much of a financial responsibility and we stop enjoying the reason we live here when we are worried about dough all the time. We didn't go canoeing last year at all - lousy rainy summer and too freaked out about $ - and canoeing is completely and utterly free. Get it?
Tonight I'm going to an extended-Babes' Dinner. It will be the regular six plus a bunch of others including a lovely woman from Montreal who is close to one of the Babes. I think I will make turnip puff!!!!
And now? I'm going to write a few thousand on my wip. What are you all up to this weekend?


Liza said...

After reading an earlier post, I wanted to ask why your are moving.
Now I understand. Having spent my whole day scrubbing flagstones and weeding gardens, I think I understand even more. When we moved here, my husband and I though we'd never leave. Twenty years later I say, "Never say never." That said, "never" has a while to go yet.

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I hope you had a great time at the dinner! And good on you to keep working on your WIP. With all of your house-selling work and that earning-a-living thing, I don't see how you manage it. I love your idea too of having your protagonist go to places you'd love to go. I should try that...