Saturday, June 23, 2012

And we must talk of many things, of cabbages and kings

It is Saturday and I have that fat saturday feeling - oh don't worry this isn't a body image problem - it is just how I like to think of the very best of saturdays - they are fat and happy days with lots going on. Today will be such a day!
First off - my sweet patootie and I are having a party. We usually have one this time of year to celebrate our anniversary and because the daylilies might be blooming in a mad profusion. Well, they aren't but we can't wait for them! This is our tenth anniversary - of meeting. Well, it will be tomorrow, as it was June 24th (St. Jean Baptiste day!!) ten years ago that I went out to the Dingle Park and met the man who was going to be my sweet patootie. We didn't know it then - we liked each other but there were no fireworks at that first meeting or for quite a few following. But we persevered and then KAPOW! SHAZAM! Better than fireworks - honey! Sweet dark honey. Or that's how I felt - maybe his metaphor is different but that's okay, amounts to ten years of saying I love you in peace, I love you in war, I love you when we're arguing and when we're loving, when the creditors are hounding us and when we're feasting on sweetmeats, I love you when we're paddling out the bay, checking to see if the eggs have hatched, fighting about how best to make a souffle - doesn't matter. So today we'll be having our almost annual Love Revolution Celebration.
The house is pretty darn clean having had that real estate person come out - she's coming to the party - we have mutual friends and we liked her so much - plus she might as well see the house operating during a Love Revolution.
SP has started the bread and I've cleaned two bathrooms. He'll make seafood soup - which is a miracle of his - and I'll make sangria. Friends are instructed to bring salads. We'll have heaping bowls of strawberries and sour cream for dipping them in and for the more adventurous, black pepper for sprinkling on them before dipping. Some people will come early with kiddios and some will come later after a day of practice (Buddhist program going on). We'll play John Hiatt and the McGarrigle Sisters and Neko Case and...
It seems a bit rainy so perhaps there won't be as much deck time as I envisioned but the smokers will definitely wander out there.
What else on this day? Isn't that enough? Okay - I'll write at least a thousand on Crossing Bright Angel, my wip, as it is at 40 thousand and I need 50 by the end of the month (yep 7 days). I'll load up one of my photos on facebook and write a poem inspired by it as I have been doing for quite awhile now. I'll go pickup the vegie box we get on Saturdays, stop and get a few more annuals for a hole in one of the big pots, and a Saturday Globe & Mail. I'll read that while I have another coffee.
When the party gets going I'll try to make sure there are enough glasses, bowls, etc...SP will forget and sit down in conversation with someone and I'll glare at him and he'll scratch his head wondering why I'm doing so. I'll try and have a couple of decent conversations but I know that hosting a party isn't about the hosts letting loose and being wild - it is about making sure the people you love are all good and full, and relaxed, and laughing. It took me awhile but I finally figured it out about parties that one gives. It is in the word 'gives'. That is the point.
Here's a photo from an earlier party held in this house. This will be our last - it goes on the market on Monday.

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