Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Two - foxes wedding

Today, as I meditated, I noticed an unusual occurrence. There were snow flurries but the sky seemed clear and sunny. This is what we call a 'foxes wedding'. I just went and found the wiki bit on it:
Other stories tell of kitsune (foxes) marrying one another. Rain falling from a clear sky — a sunshower — is called kitsune no yomeiri or the kitsune's wedding, in reference to a folktale describing a wedding ceremony between the creatures being held during such conditions.[62] The event is considered a good omen, but the kitsune will seek revenge on any uninvited guests.[63]

So that is good news for my day. I need a good omen for today. I had a very disturbed sleep. I was anxious and restless... I couldn't stop thinking about the plot and what I'm doing. I had that anxiety that nothing was right in it - and that people who had seen it were just being kind, as anyone would be to a poor mentally unhinged person, who imagined they were a writer. I feel better now that it is morning. I've got a good start. As soon as I've posted this I will get to work. I'm glad we don't have to go anywhere, for though it looks lovely out - sunny with a dusting of snow, the man tells me everything is frozen solid. He had to heat the hen house hatch to get it open - all the birds trotted out, most impatiently, then had a look and trotted back in. The roads must be impossible. So, all in all, a good day to buckle down to it.
Here is my schedule, already revised as I have more of an idea what I'm up to now.

Day Two

write up notes on changes I need to make - a letter to self
manuscript work - two hours
1 page synopsis and a start on a query letter
manuscript wrk - one hour
dog walk
manuscript work - two hours

I'll check back in a few hours with an update.

Update: It is 11:30 and I've been at work for three hours. What have I done? One more chapter, notes on things that need changing and ideas I had over the course of the night and I'm looking at the STUPID one page synopsis which is so boring I could rip my own head off and throw it at the computer screen. But I won't. I'll go check out the wonderful Writer's Knowledge site (check side-bar to go there) and look up one-page synopsis and probably do one totally insane one to move me out of this stiffness.

Now it is a bit after six and I am done for the day. I am up to 13 chapters - I somehow think it might get better later on as most of my big changes are front-loaded. As I write this I realize I have no idea if that is true or not. Perhaps I am simply without the ability to see anything about the thing right now. I did a one-page synopsis but it isn't quite where I want it. I walked the dog and I didn't meditate a second time. My darn back is killing me so if I do meditate it will be lying down. Walking was NO fun as every pebble is coated in ice so it was treacherous walking. Hey! I sound like  big fat complainer. I am still loving this process - I'm simply tired of my own mind right now. So I'll be leaving you now...


Maggie said...

Thank you for that tid bit about foxes wedding... I love that! May you stay in your center to do your good work.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thirteen chapters in five hours is good. And never knew the meaning of a foxes wedding.