Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Four - in-house retreat - reading aloud

Today, once I get going, I plan to read my manuscript aloud - start to end. I've got my synopsis done, the other material required by the contest I'm entering and now I'm going to read the thing aloud for about the twenty-fourth time - and then the package is going WHOOSH off to the contest. Then I might lie down for awhile.
Last night's guest teaching for Gwen went really well - a completely swell bunch of women - who seemed to like my teaching on structure and mindmapping. The three hours flew and I went home remembering how much I love teaching. I do teach psych residents every week - lots of fun - but teaching writing was great fun too.
All right, or alright, here I go!
a painting by my grandaughter, Hannah, of the wharf near her.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - It is such a valuable activity to read one's manuscript out loud! I always tell my students to do that with their papers. There are so many things you can catch that way. And I just love Hannah's painting :-).