Friday, December 16, 2011


I only have time for a short post today...clients await and errands abound. I am in that dreamy yummy state of mind that one attains after reading a good and lovely picture book. I buy books and only books for my grandchildren at Christmas. They have lots of others who buy gimcracks, pinafores and short pants - for me, Christmas is books. They are, alas alack, above the age that welcomes picture books but their mother, my daughter-in-law, loves them and collects them, so I can be satisfied in my buying splurge and include one or two favourites a year. This year I bought Sophie's Masterpiece by Eileen Spinelli with illustrations  by Jane Dyer. It is a captivating story about a young female spider,Sophie, who ventures into a boarding house. She is an artist and meets with various reactions to her marvellous creations. I've bought this book before but hadn't read it in awhile. It is so lovely. I also bought Stewart Little by EB White. That will be for my youngest and the elder grandchildren can hear him read it aloud.
Buying these and many more (a sumptuously illustrated Jungle Book) has me dreaming. I have a pal who is an illustrator. We've long considered working together on a project of our own design, having edited and illustrated others' works. I need to dream some more about this. It would be a good resting place between fretting about sending out manuscript packages to agents and publishers.
Yesterday I took a grant proposal in to a government agency. I've done it before with no positive response but I've decided that I will keep on doing it (there are application deadlines twice a year) until I am successful.
I dream of what I could do with a bit of money. I could go to south-western Alberta and beef-up my research  on the Blackfoot Tribe. I could spend two whole weeks in a cabin doing nothing but writing and revising. I could breath a bit...
What dreams are spinning in your writerly heads? What can you do to make them come true?

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Liza said...

I'm dreaming of getting to 80K plus on my WIP (at 72K now) and feeling like the first draft is complete, so I can start a first re-write--ideally, before Christmas! That however, probably is a dream.