Saturday, October 1, 2011

And We're Off!

Today is the first day of NaBloWriMo and I'm in. I wasn't going to then I was then I wasn't then I was. I work better with a theme and if I'm doing a bit of teaching and entertaining entwined. This blog is dedicated to my writing life (check my side-bar for other blogs I write or co-write). I will be writing a daily journal about my revision process. I will keep it short and pithy, I promise. I will also include my Home-Made Revision Workshops, as we go along, and of course my Friday Challenges. If you're new to my site and are interested in either of these things - go to my side-bar of categories and click away.

October 1, 2011

Dear Journal,
Last weekend was such a marathon of getting my pitch to the publishers ready - the pitch itself, a longer (but still concise) synopsis and the first chapter of True - all polished and shiny - that I must say this week wasn't a stellar one in getting back to the slog delight of my revision. I did manage several hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday.. Today, nothing. I have one chapter - eight pages - left to put the edits in from the manuscript that Caroline edited. That means every chapter will have been touched but I still have...wait a sec. while I go look - 17 chapters - 168 pages - to put into 3rd person. That'll take me very little time - the hardest chapters were where I did both at once (edits and switch). I'm thinking I can do this in roughly two weeks, maybe less. Then, in the true spirit of living my life backwards, I will do the big macro changes. Don't even yell at me - I'm impervious - I know it is too weird, but that's how she's rolling.
What are the big changes that I'm envisioning?  The most work will be creating more vivid main characters. I will also be looking at where I can increase tension. This isn't a thriller or a mystery but it still needs tension. I will continue to do the micro edits  - paring down the verbiage, replacing the clichéd phrases with zingy fresh metaphors, and looking at the structure of each sentence, paragraph and chapter. I will be running between the balcony (macro) to the dance floor (micro) and I will get nice and skinny doing so. OK, so I won't - I'll get nice and skinny if I stay on this diet!
That's it for today's entry, dear journal. I'll be back tomorrow and will have time to do some ACTUAL revising.


Laura said...

I hear you... I'm right at that place with mine too.
Good luck and keep at it

The Golden Eagle said...

Great to see you've joined NaBloWriMo! :) I'm doing it as well.

Good luck with your writing!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I wish I got nice and skinny while revising!!!! Seems I eat more. ;)

Monti said...

I don't mind revising so much. It's harder creating the original work. I'm not doing the NaBloWriMo this year. Sounds like a good exercise.


Danette said...

Sounds like you've got a bit a good craziness going on! Thanks for stopping by and glad your fitting in Nablo into all this!

Jan Morrison said...

Laura - well, I'm in this far - might as well continue. I actually like revising, especially now, when I finally understand my story.
Thanks, Goldie! And back at ya.
Tricia - yes, that's why I started this crazy diet (17 day diet). I'm on the second stage but I cheated this weekend so need to get strict again.
Hi Monti - that would be true for me too, only I just have such a dog's dinner of a first draft. My first draft might be someone's outline or even musings.
Danette - No probs - I'll be back! I'm making Nablo a tool to push on my revision - that's the only way I could manage it. Now to day two!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sheriff Jan!
What do legumes say when they meet someone new? Peased to meet you! (I had to. I apologize.)
Looking forward to reading more about your revision process and will share it with the Baldone (my spouse, who needs to write more).
Best wishes and Happy NaBloWriMo!
Bek aka