Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Challenge - take a mini-holiday

Sure, I know. Holidays are done. If you didn't get one in this summer because you had to work, or you had no dough, or well...just because...maybe you're a bit cranky. Or you took a holiday but it rained the whole time, or you missed your chickens ...maybe you're a bit blue. Or you took a holiday and it was everything you ever wanted in one...the sun shone, the porpoises leapt, the museums amused..but it was over to soon and....maybe you're a bit nostalgic. Well, here at Crazy Jane's, we have just the antidote. I want all of you, dear readers, to take a mini-holiday. It could be an hour, it could be a day, it could be a weekend. Go somewhere near where you live but that you never go to. Maybe it is too touristy, too kitchy, or just too home-grown for you to appreciate. But not for this challenge it isn't!
Here are some ideas - if you live in a city that has a ferry - take it to the other side. Walk around and look at that other side (in Halifax that would be Dartmouth), stroll the streets like it is the most exciting place you've ever been. Have a tea in a teashop that you've never paid attention to, or in a fancy schmanzy hotel that you're scared of entering. Anyone can have tea!!
If you never go to your local museum or art gallery - go! Look at what's there with an unjaundiced eye.If you have more time, head out to the country, to the hills, to the beach, to the farmland, to the dales...go to a upick and pick whatever is pickable. Do a corn maze. Go antique shop rambling. And through all of it, keep your good writer's eye and ear working. Listen and look at what happens when you take yourself into the expected as if it were the unexpected. Believe me when I tell you - you'll be surprised.
If you can stay overnight somewhere do it in a type of lodging you wouldn't normally use. If you're a b&b type, find a funny little motel, or even a dodgy downtown hotel. Maybe you can go camping, or rent a trailer. Check it out.
Then bring it all home and pour it into whatever you're writing, or rewriting. Maybe you're doing sci fi - well, find out what it feels like to be an alien. Perhaps you're doing a cozy - do you spend much time in small villages? Perhaps you're writing about a place you can't get to, like I am. Well then, all places have some things in common - diners, locals, auctions, store owners - doesn't matter if it is Calcutta or Detroit - there are commonalities. Go! Now!


Talli Roland said...

This is a great post, because I really feel I need one! When my friend was here a couple weeks ago, I couldn't really relax because my launch was coming up. Now that it's behind me, I would love to run off somewhere just for the afternoon!

KarenG said...

I am such a fan of the mini-holiday. My husband and I do this a lot, esp since we both work at home and we need time away from the work/home environment. We like drives in the mountains and just going for half a day to get out of our usual "circle."

Carol Kilgore said...

I love mini-holidays!

sue said...


Jan Morrison said...

I fear that you four do this all too readily - where are those reluctant holidayers?! I look forward to hearing your reports. Now, I must get to preparing for my pitch to the publishers. arggggh.