Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to Basics - a Friday Challenge

Yesterday, despite my good start, was a tough day. I don't feel well, a chronic complaint that has flared up with everything going on, and I struggled through the day. A couple of things cheered me up a bit. I decided that, since I had a bit of time between an appointment with a client and my weekly visit to Arlo (my 90 year old writing pal), I would go by way of the crack house knitting store, The Loop. I was there purely to do a bit of retail therapy - I admit it. I've got a project on one set of needles - a lace wrap - that will take me a zillion years to finish and am nearly finished my second set of socks on a second set. But I wanted MORE - that's the trouble with crack wool. So I picked up some lace weight in two gorgeous colours - one hand-painted in rusts, pinks and green and the other in apple green. I'm going to make a lacey shawl! Yay! And I had a nice long talk with the woman there about what patterns to try etc... I found an old magazine for cheap too and that will be fun as it has a few patterns in it that make it worthwhile.
Then, when I was at Arlo's, he gave me two Writers Digests to borrow. He has a subscription but makes his way fairly slowly. So I get them and devour them and give them back before he's ready to read them. This is a good thing.
When I got back to work I read bits of both mags between appointments and considered knitting and writing projects. I also felt cheered, soley by the colours of the alpaca/silk lace weight I had bought. Have I mentioned to you lately that it has rained here for at least forty days? I know, I know, everyone is going through some sort of 'weather incident' but gawwwwd.
How to bring this to the challenge, the writer wonders? I think it is that many of us feel challenged enough right now. I know I do - if anyone asked me to voluntarily take up a challenge right now - I might challenge them to a duel. So your challenge today, is to think of some no-big-deal thing that would pick you up, would colour your spring a little brighter. Mine was to hang out with knitters (both in the shop and in the magazine) and writers (both with Arlo and with the Writers Digest). To allow myself to soak in the ideas, the encouragement, the colours.
Now, dear peoples, I'm going to write for a couple of hours. I don't need to be in for awhile so am free to explore at will. Let's see how this colours my writing.

this pic shows (left to right) me, the suddenly deposed king of the house - Jesse, my mum holding Calvin, fresh from the bakery and my dear sister, Jude.

ps: Happy Birthday dear Calvin! My son is 39 today. How could that be?
I'm at the Burrow writing about who I am as a mother - and tomorrow is chick day...just cleaned out the brooder (which doubles as a bin for our feed after they graduate to the coop!


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - What a good idea that was, to hang out with your knitting buddies! Doing little things like that can just brighten everything up. And happy birthday, Calvin!! I love that 'photo!

Now, on to the challenge... well, hanging out with my beautiful grand-daughter always helps me. I love the perspective that even the littlest of the wee ones have.

Liza said...

I don't knit, but I love to read about your projects. I beat you to the challenge. As soon as my daughter left for school, I grabbed the camera and headed to the harbor for some additional fog pictures...the seafoam was still there mucking up the shot I wanted, so I passed on the photos, but got a great cup of coffee instead. Then I came home and posted on my blog. I feel pretty good right now.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful post to read and a Happy Birthday to Calvin. My don't the time fly by?


Karen Walker said...

Jan, I am so sorry you are struggling with a chronic condition. I'm struggling with the blues. Both are hard. Today I have a singing gig at a health care facility. I hope that will lift my spirits. It usually does.

sue said...

They grow up so fast, I'm sure years have become weeks. What a good idea, knitting - or playing with photos, or perhaps I'll alternate! There are no nice wool shops near here, which is probably just as well! 40 days rain is enough to dampen anyone's spirits even if you're not feeling crappy.

Michele Emrath said...

I hope you're feeling better! Happy birthday to your son. What a wonderful feeling, your child growing and meeting milestones.


Carol Kilgore said...

Antiquing. I don't like antiques in my home, but I love going to antique and junk shops and looking at old things. And buying special gifts for people that I know do love having them.