Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bibs & Bobs, Bits & Pieces, Thises and Thatses


First off - thank you Rosie over at East for Green Eyes for laying this award on me! I really appreciate it especially coming from Rosie!
Plus, I'm feeling rather stylish as I just got my hair cut. I really like this cut - I showed David a pic of what I wanted and he gave it to me! Wow huh?!

Now I'm supposed to say seven true things about myself ...urgh. Here goes. Snooze if you've heard them all before. I'll make this one 'seven near-brushes with fame' so I have a goal.

1. I stayed up late in a motel room drinking and singing with Stan Rogers (and several other people).
2. I carried a teapot for Allen Ginsberg.
3. I shook hands with Jimi Hendrix.
4. Prince Philip yelled at a crazy woman standing next to me last summer.
5. I'm Sarah's step-mother. (yes, I'm aware she isn't famous yet)
6. A cedar waxwing was in our little holly tree last week.
7. My sweet patootie and I spent three hours in our canoe amongst whales a few years ago.

Now I'm to pass this on -
Here goes -
Words a Day - Niamh Boyce
Listening to the Voices - Clarissa Draper
Sacred Dirt - Faith Pray
From My Kitchen Table - Barbara Scully
Giggles and Guns - Mary Vaughn
Just Jemi - Jemi Fraser

All classy broads!

 Louise Penney's most recent book Bury Your Dead just made the UK bestseller list! If you haven't read this fantastic Canadian writer - now would be the time! You'll love her - I promise... And if you are in the UK - keep the joy happening - read her and talk her up. It is hard for us Canadians to get the US and the UK to take us seriously - we want to write mysteries based in our countries. Keep the magic happening!

I think I'm feeling better. My mouth has finally recovered from gum surgery which means I can talk again - and my heart feels like it is on the mend mostly thanks to my dear sweet guy who has been a real mensch and my fabulous friends - from all areas of my life. Thanks for being there for are gold.

My eldest grandson turned 11 yesterday and my eldest son turned 41 - they are both swell guys and I love them to pieces. Also, my dear writing and everything pal - Gwen - has a birthday today. I think she is 12 but I'm not sure...

And did I mention I like my new hair-do? Don't you love the word 'hair-do'? I do do do.


Jemi Fraser said...

You're the best Jan! Thank you!! I've best a crummy blogger lately - life's been so busy I'm not getting around to everyone as I like! I appreciate your kindness! :)

And I do like hair-do, I do!

Mary Vaughn said...

You called me a classy broad - I love you! That's almost better than the award.
I thought Author was a nationality.
My hairdresser moved FAR away and I'm scared as hell to try a new one.
Did I say thank you? Thank You

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the award. Always fun to learn more about your. Happy birthday wishes to everyone.

Thoughts in Progress

Faith Pray said...

I'm glad your mouth is feeling better. Talking is good. And writing.
Thank you for the Award. How fun! I am thrilled! I love your truths, by the way. It will take serious thought and fabrication to even come close to your cool seven!

Helen Ginger said...

This post feels "happy." It made me smile just to read it. And you're a rock star. And I've never done any of that stuff. I don't even know what a cedar waxwing is, but now I want to see one.

Congrats on the award!

Barbara Scully said...

Ohhhhh you shook hands with Jimi Hendrix.... ohhhhh wow..

Thank you kindly for the award. I am humbled... but Jimi hendrix... wow wow wow

Carol Kilgore said...

I'm so happy you love your new haircut. I have hair from hell.

I'm also happy you're healing.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

A good hair cut just makes the world seem a brighter place. I'm so glad to see you're seeing the world through happy eyes. Congrats on the award, Jan!

Hart Johnson said...

Great news all around! Yay for a hair cut you like, and happy birthday to all those loved ones!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I got a haircut a few weeks ago and it rocked my world. Totally understand.

I'm glad things are looking up! Gum surgery sounds extremely painful. :(


JDog said...

A good haircut goes a long way! I always feel like a new man, crisp and clean with a little therapy ta boot!