Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Writing Day with Gwen!

Update on Revision - Ruthaline (my revision muse) is happy with me. Sunday and Monday saw me move through the tricky bit and finish my plot and clarity revision. We went to the juke joint and had us a dance. I cannot express how happy this makes me. Oh, I have lots of work to do yet, picky language edits, hunts for themes and beefing up or paring down of certain passages but it all seems like a cake walk compared to the plot tangle I was involved with. Today I will get a good three or four hours in and I'm looking forward to it especially since Gwen is here and writing in the same room with someone is a particular delight.

As Well - yesterday, Val came over and we put in five hours of terrible for my asthma work - cleaning out the furnace room where all the clutter lives. We did it though and the rest of the house looks terrible with bags for goodwill and boxes for the garbage and things that I'm still undecided about - lots of projects - an old typewriter that has never been used in this house but which Sweet Patootie for some reason can't toss, a badminton set when we don't have three square feet of level space...you get the idea.

No-vember - the trouble with November is that it has the word 'no' in it. At least that's what I figure - it says no before it gets going. So far November here has been:
No - sunshine
No - money
No - relief from allergies
No - freaking fun
I suggest we change the name to Yesvember. What do you all think? Except you all in Australia and South America and New Zealand and Papua New Guinea - you can change it or not. Perhaps it is different when your fall starts with May...May rain, may not. May be a cheque in the mail or may be a bill.

And Now - I'll get to work.


Ann said...

How right you are about No-vember. We need a better name for it. Glad the revisions are moving along nicely. Take a little break....have some fun!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I really like the idea for a Yesvember! There are plenty of good things about November, too.

Isn't it funny how the house has to look worse before it can look better? I can't think of anything else that works that way... :)

Liza said...

Yesember...I like that.

Hart Johnson said...

I'm so happy for your revision progress, and Love that Ruthaline let you go dancing.

I don't have the hostility for November that I have for... say February... I think it's because I get a nice 4 day weekend and have my son's birthday and my wedding anniversary... (probably helps that I try not to take on any responsibilities at all where Thanksgiving is concerned) but i have no objections to changing the name to Yesvember...

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Do visit my blog when you have time!

Pk Hrezo said...

LOL! I love it ... never thought of it before. :)I''m hopping over from Rayna's blog. Nice to meet you. :)

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm still in the middle of my de-clutter project, too. I'm making progress, one box of books and one Goodwill bag at a time.