Tuesday, November 2, 2010

when I was young...nonny nonny

Alas, alack, when I was young - a mere slip of a lass - really a toothpick of a slip of a lass - I visited a bordertown of Mexico with my family. There I saw a glassworks where men of all ages dressed in cotton drawstring pants and that's it made simply beautiful glass things. They had a crucible and globs of glass hanging on the end of pipes that they blew into and twirled and so forth. I so wanted that life. I really did. I wanted, even at 12, to know that my life was set - oh I was of such and such a family and a boy and we were automatically apprenticed at twelve to a life of making beautiful things out of glass. The end.
Here was my day:
Got up early but not as early as yesterday. Worked for two hours on revision of True.
Worked for a couple of hours on farmers' profiles.
walked dog
took out compost
made lunch
washed dishes
worked a bit more
went to high school to sit on uncomfortable chairs and talk with belaguered teachers about the kids.
put in a plug for Death the Musical with the music and drama teachers
went to the grocery store to get the usual thingys
picked up a bag of dog food wrong as there was no way to pick it up right
put back out
came home and got Felix to unload car
looked up audition pieces for Felix
met SP at door with hands on back in the famous 'I put my back out please be kind to me' mudra
opened box of vegies - our first from one of the farms (we joined the csa) what fun! sweet corn, apples, potatoes, sweet pot., turnup, daikon radish, green peppers and more!
worked with Felix on audition pieces for tomorrow night translating shakespearean english in a Hamlet speech to something he might get so he could give it the right innotations.
phoned K. to tell her I would go to the women in business meeting tonight.
and now I'm going to go upstairs and get dressed in fancy women in business clothes (can you say shoulder pads?)
I just accidently hung up the phone on someone phoning. yikes.

Can you see how far this is from the simple life of a craftsperson which I envisioned?
Not anyone's fault. Just thinking about it.
nonny nonny


Liza said...

Yes, it can be like that sometimes. I thought I'd work in a bakery. Now though, I'm working in a cheese shop. Close enough I guess. Oh and by the way, VERY hard work.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Hey ho and the wind and the rain...

You seem to have had a full day. You get extra special sparkly points for going to a meeting with a sore back. Those veggies sound yummy.

Feel better; hey nonny nonny no.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I wanted to be a scientist. Not a scientist who cures people or makes the world a better place but a scientist who discovers esoteric stuff.
It never quite worked out that way. But I spent all day yesterday in an integrated school that we help fund, and seeing the smiling faces all around me, I was glad I am doing exactly what I am doing.

We take different paths, but if we seek it, we all find the things that make us happy.

Hart Johnson said...

Urgh! Jan, I'm so sorry about the back! I periodically have back trouble, so I know how that makes everything else miserable! And You've made me TRIED! (though it sounds like you've been incredibly productive.)

AlexOngNYC said...

I love the word alack.

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