Monday, November 22, 2010

And we will talk of many things...of cabbages and dear sister is my twin!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!  Yes for one month, my dear sister, Jude, and I are twins. She turns some undisclosed age today which is my undisclosed age and then merrily on Dec. 21st, I leap a year ahead of her. Oh it is a heady process but we have had many years to perfect it. As a child I was FORCED to celebrate my birthday on Jude's as no one would put their pink frilly dresses on and bring presents (those crunchy hard kid's books - Black Beauty perhaps - or a set of days of the week undies) that close to Christmas. Of course that meant Jude had to suffer too as she had to SHARE her birthday - something that never even occurred to me until this minute as I have a slight problem with narcissism.
Jude and I - going to a luau in Colorado Springs...note the nice hair!

here she is from this summer all set for Brynn's wedding

and here she is at about thirteen...what a doll!

For those of you who don't know my sister let me tell you some items about her. She is a warm, funny, engaging woman. She is a bit shyer than I am but once you are her friend she is fiercely loyal. She can come into any one's home and figure out a way to make it really beautiful without you having to buy anything - just by moving things around in ways that seem simple when she does it but impossibly hard when I try. So I don't - I just wait for her to visit. She can sing - a talent that I cannot remotely explain my jealousy of. She belongs to a choir and that choir is going to sing with the NYLONS in a few weeks! Wow! And I won't get to hear it because sadly - she lives in Ontario which has no ocean - a point that I've made several times in her vicinity but alas alack to no avail. Because she is also a mother - a wonderful mom to two grown-up kids - Brynn Bea - who became a bride this summer and is also a wonderful musician and Harry who is musical himself and a wonderful photographer.  Jude lives in a great little town - Perth - and makes her home in a dear cottagey place that she has made delightful and inviting. She is a reluctant entrepreneur who makes her living by tidying up people's finances and helping them bust clutter and chaos in their homes.  I think her card should read Nanny McMorrison - she is quite magical but strict! She loves Perth and Perth loves her - she is always out and about when I call - helping with props for the theatre - at a choir rehearsal - or going to something special somewhere.  I love her to bits!

And she lurks on this blog - yes she does - once in awhile she might write a comment but not very often - so big shout out to my twin - YAY!


Liza said...

Oh made me want to meet your sister...and feel sorry that I live so far away. Lovely post...lovely pictures, lovely thoughts!

Jude said...

A whole blog to our relationship and to me! Thank you Janna Banana!
I love that I am a twin, then not a twin, too.
I love that I can find out how you are and what you are thinking by checking out your two blogs daily.....and what a treat when you have written that day.
I love that I have such a wise and spiritual and creative, productive sister!!!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Wonderful pictures and such a lovely tribute to Jude. :) Hope it's a very happy birthday!

Clarissa Draper said...

Wow, the two of you are so beautiful! It's nice to have a sister close in age. I know I'm really close to my sister because we're very close in age. Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - What a wonderful post! I would love to meet your sister! And everyone else is right; she is beautiful and obviously has the good taste to be born into your family :-).

Nice to meet you, Jude!!

Talli Roland said...

What wonderful photos! And how great that you and Jude are so close - in age and relationship. Wishing you both a very happy twin month!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Happy Birthday to your sister; and your birthday is one later than my second daughter's.

Jan Morrison said...

Liza - yep, you'd like her lots!
Jude- right back at ya! I know you're out with pals but I hope I get to talk to you before my head hits the pillow. I'm feeling old! ha!
Elizabeth - thanks - I loved doing this one! I know how lucky I am to have her as my almost on again off again twin!
Clarissa - Thanks - it was tough having the most gorgeous girl in the school as my baby sister but I'm sure it helped me to develop my sense of humour!
Thanks Margot - everyone who meets her loves her because she is as kind as she is beautiful.
Talli - having a sister so close in age is a real blessing (though she used to curse my casual treatment of her clothes - I was the messy one!) It is like always having a built in buddy which was important because we moved every couple of years...
Elspeth - oh, tell her I feel her pain - she will learn to be a marketing genius!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to you both!

Hart Johnson said...

This was beautiful, Jan! I hope Jude had a fabulous birthday! (did she think the Beetles song was just for her? Say... maybe it WAS just for her!) Why do parents do that 'nearly twins, let's do it together' thing? Hubby had childhood issues for that, too, has his brother is just a year younger.

Glynis said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Jude.

Jan, I'm going to make you wait until Dec. 21st.

Siblings are such a pain hen you are kids but they mean the world to us when we're adults.

Anonymous said...

I never had a sister..

can I share yours?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks

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