Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Day, Mr. McGarrity

I loved Maggie Muggins when I was a child. Heck, I think I still do. I loved Mr. McGarrity and Grandmother Frog - so ugly but kind. When I think what I loved about Maggie Muggins and Anne of Green Gables and Jo of Little Woman  the word that pops to mind is resilience. No matter what happened to Maggie in the run of a day (and it wasn't much believe me) she'd cheerfully sing out to dear Mr. McGarrity that tomorrow was another day. 

Anne had the same indomitable spirit and while Jo was of a somewhat different mettle, in the end, she kept on doing what she wanted to (the loss of her manuscript has haunted me since I read it though).

Today I'm going to practice resilience. I got my standing offer in to the Tender's Office a day ahead of the due date. How could such a brutal process be called 'tendering' I wonder? I have my new improved query for The Rock Walker ready to send out and have actually found a couple of places to send it. And I'm ready to re-enter the world of True.
I am waiting to hear about where a contract is going to take me soon - interviewing farmers and taking their pictures - so I have lots of time blocked off.
Now is the time to 'quitcherbellyachin' and get on with it. For today is another day!


Cruella Collett said...

Yay for that! Did you ever read Pollyanna? Anne of Green Gables was much more "me", in her ludicrous fantasizing and dramaqueendom, but Polyanna was the saint I could never hope to be as I was never that positive and never that unfortunate. But I loved her dearly :)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Those characters we read about in our youth- they don't make girls like that any more. Or do they?

Jo March was my favourite. But Pollyanna irritated the hell out of me. Maybe I should re-read, because many of the people who irritated me then, I now understand.

AlexOngNYC said...

Have faith and stay the course!

Breakfast Every Hour

Clarissa Draper said...

Make sure you keep us up to date on Rock Walker, I really liked the book! Well, the chapters I read anyway. I heard you saw Talli at the airport?

Liza said...

I have all eight of the Anne of Green Gables series...and I still read them. Really.

Jan Morrison said...

Mari - nah, Pollyanna wasn't my cup of tea except for the rainbow in the crystal thing! funny what sticks, eh?
Natasha - I think they just might only they go on zombie walks (don't ask)! I LOVED Jo March but then I LOVED Maggie Muggins and Anne too - just at different ages...
Alex - thank you and I think I will! I have a package ready to send out to a publisher!
Clarissa - fear not my deario - I will keep you posted on RW and YES Talli and I saw each other at the airport but were both too shy or whatever to approach (I was not doing anything but waiting for a pal to come back from Iceland while she was juggling family and friends!!
Liza - you know what? So do I! And I think about Anne almost every day. I adore every bit of her!

Hart Johnson said...

I had to grow into an appreciation of resilience--I liked spunky, but tough wasn't very girlie, and I was a girlie girl until I was a teen. NOW though, I love it.

I wish you a ton of luck with the query process and the tender stuff and the interviewing and photographing farmers sounds very cool--very much like a thing I think you'd love doing, so enjoy!

YAY for resilience!

Nicki Elson said...

That's the sprit, Maggie! Lots of exciting...if exasperating and exhausting...things going on, and I hope you find some enjoyment in all of them.

I just gave you're blog an award at my page. Stop on by to "pick it up." :)