Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Spare Thursday's Plan
Today, dear readers, I'm going in. I'm diving into the manuscript - the one on my computer though some say 'no, no - use a hard copy' but I can't. I need to make changes on the computer. It is the way my brain is wired and has been since grade nine typing class. Oh don't get me wrong. I keep long-hand journals and I have a book full of notes for this wip BUT it isn't real to me until I go into the computer. Here's what I'll do. I'll load up my most recent version of True then I'll save it with another name -probably Extreme Radical True then I'll go in and start moving stuff around - taking stuff out and so on. I'll do some of it out of order and some of it in order. For instance, I'm getting rid of a minor character - making one sister do for two. This means going through the whole thing to find her where ever she hides and get her out. I'm changing something in the middle that heightens the tension for the end - I need to do all the proper set-up for that all through the manuscript. I need to be OK with this and not freak out and get overwhelmed. That is why I have written three synopsis and fine-tuned the story so I have something to follow - a map, a blue-print.
There are two of me when it comes to writing.
The first me is the intuitive, hippy, laid-back, anything goes me. Let's call her La Banan. She writes the first draft - laying it down as it comes to her. No plan, no outline, as if she is dreaming and definitely not knowing what monster is behind what door. She looks like this -

The second me is the me that revises and edits. She is persnickety, anxious, orderly and loves systems. She looks at hippy chick's manuscript and cringes. Where the hell is the plot-line in this, she asks? Who is this person - they show up in chapter 3, don't do anything and disappear without a trace in chapter 7? Do you have any idea that all your main characters names sound the same? What are you, Russian? Let's call her Cloaca Birdwhistle. She is in the ascendant now and she looks like this -

and yes, for you smarties in the crowd - this is Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies.
and she is insisting I get to work PRONTO...
later lovely readers.
oh do you have more than one ego state at work on your manuscripts? Do tell...


Mason Canyon said...

Good luck with your manuscript today. Sounds like you've got a plan of action.

Thoughts in Progress

L. Diane Wolfe said...

You can do it!

Maribeth said...

Fun post. Believe it or not you answered something that was bugging me about my wip. Thanks.
You will do this!

Giggles and Guns

Words A Day said...

I havent seen the bev hillbillies in years Jan, she'd such a distinctive voice!
There are def two states of mind in any creation process, the creator and the editor. Thanks for reminding me, I'm meant to be getting the whip out instead of feeling all mushy and poetic, no wonder progress is slow. its very helpful for me that we are at similar stages in our ms,( though not as writers, this is my first long piece of fiction) Thanks, happy writing!

Words A Day said...
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Talli Roland said...

Haha! Loved this - I've never thought about my different personas whilst writing/ editing. But it's true! The first time around I'm all easy... then I crack down and get the whip out for the second draft!

Jan Morrison said...

Mason - oh the plan is paramount. Cloaca loves the plan!
Diane - thanks, I'm making great headway with even a bit of basil planting and weed pulling time!
Maribeth - oh don't leave me hanging, let me know! and thanks for dropping by...
Niamh - you are a dear! I like that we're at a similar place to, it keeps the solitary heebeegeebees from taking hold.
Talli - oh yah, baby! Love the whip!

Watery Tart said...

Ha! I have a split personality, too, but my editor is a neurotic bitch and makes ME and my everyday life rather miserable, so I try to only let her out for brief spurts. I have a VERY strong preference for the Tart.

I think your plan sounds great. I can't process all that well on a computer screen for the BIG edits or the micro ones, but if it works for you, great.

(middling edits I prefer there--far easier to find the characters you are merging that way--the dog you are deleting, the scenes you need to make consistent)

Good luck! (leave some chocolate at hand so when you feel your soul is being sucked out, you have the remedy at hand)

Jan Morrison said...

yah, my disciplines are colliding. If I make sure to floss every day, meditate, walk the dog then maybe I don't have enough left over for taking my vitamins or staying away from wheat and sugar. Or writing! Today I got through though and I'm doing scene work suddenly - I think that is still plot work - I am trying to make sure each scene adds to the whole. Some I just like and today I worked on one of those to make it be part of the whole without ruining the thing of it. tricky but fun.

grrl + dog said...

Jane Hathaway

can be my persickety

coach any day.