Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Friday Challenge

Last night, the sweet-patootie and I tried to watch a video about the band 'Wilco' - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. We failed because it was a library video and it was too scratched to enjoy. Before we gave up on it though, we watched a fair bit of the bands' process making a new album in the studio. It was fun to watch, and a little painful in that way that band videos can be. (They're young and well - goofy right? We watched the Bob Dylan movie 'No Direction Home' and it was also sweet and kind of painful). Anywhoozie - to the point - at one juncture the band members talked about their process of writing a tune and then taking it apart every which way before putting it back together. Or not. It was so very Ah Ha! Jeff Tweedy said, "well it's our tune to destroy, man, so why not?"
I loved that.
How about it fellow creators? Let's find something we've done and DESTROY IT! Take it all apart and put it back together. Make it new! Maybe it'll be a Frankenstein, maybe it'll be something so brilliant your mouth will hurt from grinning for the next month!
I'm going to go for it. Who's coming along? Really, it'll be whacks of fun.
Kill your darlings - I've got the burning brand. Let's rumble!

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