Sunday, May 23, 2010

chandeliers, new perennial beds & hidden tree houses

these photos are from today's mucking about in the garden. I made a new perennial bed for yesterday's gleaning. I'm quite pleased with it all. Ah, there is nothing so fun as getting my hands dirty. Wish I could garden naked. Yep, tartlett - you heard that right.

this glorious chandelier cost me three dollars and I think it is worth every penny. Ron wants us to put it at the top of our stairs over where the window seat is going to be built before we die. Then I could make the window seat a glory of girly boudoirness which might be a bit odd at the top of the stairs or it might be 'just the ticket'.

on a walk this past week, Hoagy and I took a path we'd tried before but it was always too difficult - couldn't find the way in. Suddenly we found it easily. We went up a ridge reminding me of that song about Billy Joe McAllister and Chocktow and all that...we found a deer path through the ferny woods that led to a stream and across from the stream was a most marvelous tree house - obviously with no parental fingers on it! What wonderful serendipity.


Michele Emrath said...

Wonderful love in your posts. I love the organic nature of your meanderings and writing. It's a glimpse into a life well led.

Southern City Mysteries

Helen Ginger said...

Two amazing finds in one week! Fabulous.

Straight From Hel

Mason Canyon said...

Love the photos, makes me want to get out and play in the garden. Neat tree house.

Thoughts in Progress

Gardeningbren said...

What a great day you had!! I like to read your happy voice. ))

Jan Morrison said...

hello all glorious women!
Thanks Michele - that comment really made my day - I might even let it make my week! Filled me right up.
Helen - yes! Unfortunately my plans for the chandelier have been dashed - we simply don't have the ceilings for it. I have a new plan though - take out the electrical stuff and use it in the garden with candles. Ron just moans.
Mason - without a doubt, the best part of the treehouse is that it was done by kids. My sweet patootie built a treehouse for a couple of doctors last year and it cost my yearly income and we bet NO KIDS will play in it. Hopefully a street person will use it for a nightly base.
Gardeningbren - why thank you deario! I like to read your excited gardening voice. I wish you'd been here to tell me what some of my perennials are - I bought some from a house on the Prospect Rd. and the lady wasn't altogether positive - she sells off her old ma's perennials every year!

Watery Tart said...

What a great surprise in that treehouse! Love the chandelier, too. I spent about an hour weeding yesterday, so I am calling it good on my gardening for the season... (great pics!)

Faith Pray said...

Yay! So glad to get to see the chandelier! The blog episode at market has kept me wondering ever since.. Did he leave her or love it? Your instinct was so right!

Cruella Collett said...

Lately I've been getting most of my blog-fix in hyper-mode from just peeking in Google Reader. While it is efficient, it certainly has a few flaws. Like how I haven't noticed until now that you've changed your layout (love it - I'm going wider too sometime in the not too distant future [I hope] when I find the time and learn how...). And even more importantly, peeking in Google Reader doesn't really facilitate comments. Which for certain posts is just a big shame. Like this one. The lovely photographs required a comment :)

I love both the chandelier and the tree house (I'd like to have both in/near my imaginary mansion by a smallish lake with lots of grand trees), and frankly I think the garden/candle option is even better than having it inside. Be sure to post pictures! :)