Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Writing Life

Hi all - thanks for being so patient with me. I've gone to one or two sites and left comments but basically keeping my head down. My goal - my newest goal is to finish this draft (one bleeding into three?) by the time Gwen gets back from her big Banff Arts experience (five weeks or so). I'm trying to thump out a thousand words a day plus I'm restructuring somewhat. It's complicated of course.
So thanks for understanding and I'll keep doing the challenges which may turn into a book of their own someday.
In other news - Gardening is going great guns - fence and gate secured, lots planted inside and out and weather AMAZING.
Chickens - happy with weather and producing the dark yellow yolks we missed during the winter.
Photography - excellent - did an enormous blowup of that child with his face pressed to the window for Jake's birthday - it looks great and I delivered five sets of cards to my friend Linda to sell at the market. yay!
Also - it is boat launching time. We have one canoe finished and ready and one that needs in for a lick of paint, also the rowboat needs a tiny bit of attention. Then Ron needs to make a rack for the truck (new truck, no cab - no rack! dang!). I love spring!


Helen Ginger said...

You have a lot going on! Good for you for staying focused on the book. I'm doing a reconstruction as well, in between all the other stuff. Love the picture of the boat.

Straight From Hel

Mason Canyon said...

Good luck with the thousand words a day goal. Sounds like you've been quite busy.

Thoughts in Progress

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I'm happy to hear all is going well on the east coast - and thanks for the chicken update. My hat is off to you for managing 1,000 words a day as well as all the other spring-related tasks.

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like you're making progres! And I love spring, too.

Ann said...

Glad to here you are going on so well. Good luck with the word goals. Boat and water looks so inviting. Enjoy the sunshine!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I am an absentee blogger too! The work is the most important thing, it's great to see you're so focused. We're still out here for you when you have the time. A 1000 words a day is one tall order. Go for it!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks all! I don't find a thousand a day too bad - think that is the ONE good thing I got from NaNoWriMo! The problemo (does there have to be one? Yes there does) is that I have a lot of plot to untangle or resolve or whatever it is I'm going to do with it. Perhaps a few too many subplots and I have a dearth of one kind of conflict - I got the inner and I've started on the outer AND I'll say it again - it is great to be a therapist because I know how personality works BUT I keep trying to therapize my characters into healthier ways which cacks up the plot. Geesh.

Watery Tart said...

I miss you and REALLY appreciate you stopping to visit me, but I TOTALLY support the drive to FINISH THE BOOK while the distractions are minimal. Go Go Go Go Go!!!!

Anonymous said...

A sunny shot full of promise. Glad the chooks are happy.

Stacy Post said...

Go, Jan! Go! :) I like seeing your tweets on your sidebar. Maybe I need to try it out? What do you think? Are you enjoying it? May your happy fingers dance on the keyboard today!

Jan Morrison said...

hey my deario tartlet - you've been having fun! Thanks for the go go!
Oh Denise - those chooks think they're in heaven and they're right!
Stacy - I don't know about those weird tweets - I don't do it too often and I can't say I get the point - I'll try it a bit longer but if the penny doesn't drop soon it is going the way of the dodo bird.