Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Challenge!

a painting I did of the sun setting over the St. Lawrence

my Dad at the helm

Bright and early this morning - today's challenge is cross-training. When you are getting ready for an important athletic event you are encouraged to cross-train. That is to work muscles and talents that aren't directly related to your sport. Wikipedia says this -
Cross-training (also known as conditioning) refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of each training method, while at the same time attempting to neglect the shortcomings of that method by combining it with other methods that address its weaknesses.
Clear enough?
Your challenge is to look at whatever you feel you're getting ready for - to be published, to have a gallery show, to have twelve people over for a wonderful meal, to leave your job, take up farming or become a renown tango dancer and find some other discipline that does not 'seem' related and practice it.
Example - for a few years, I took painting lessons. I found that it was quite helpful to my writing in a number of ways. It was pointed out to our class that it is best to keep working all over the canvas - that if you focus on one part of it and don't bring the other parts of it up - you will have a distorted picture. This was completely analogous to reworking that first chapter to death while neglecting the rest of my manuscript. I also learned to trust my right brain and to give my left brain busy work so my right brain could get on with the important intuitive and somewhat irrational tasks that needed to be done.
So - find your cross-training discipline and give it a try. I guarantee it will be enlightening.


Stacy Post said...

You are a woman of many talents! Great paintings, Jan. Drop by my blog...I left you a surprise!

Helen Ginger said...

Love the paintings. I so admire people who can paint. My husband's side of the family is full of wonderful painters.

As I sit here and try to think of an activity I might have to fit your description and I can say for sure that I need to start doing something besides sitting at my computer!

Straight From Hel

Talli Roland said...

Loving the paintings! So impressed - I can hardly sketch a cat!

That's a tough challenge but I'll give it a go.

Happy Friday!

Not enough hours! said...

What beautiful paintings. Your paintings are as beautiful as your photographs.

~ Rayna

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks guys! I really love painting but it takes a back seat to writing and photography. I'll get back to it one day - my Dad is a wonderful painter - so it was tough to tackle a portrait of him. I learned a fair bit doing that one.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I cannot paint. Cannot. I so wish I could, but I do NOT have the gift. Your paintings are wonderful - I have green drops of envy dropping from my fingers.

Watery Tart said...

Tango dancer! I'm in!

I love the idea of THINKING about it like this... what is related that may not be obvious (that may need some strengthening)--Probably I need to figure out something that helps me with focus. If I try to focus while writing, I get stuck, but I need some development there, and I know it... Now to think of what might develop that...

Jemi Fraser said...

I find most of the arts blend their lessons into each other. Very powerful. Great post!

Jan Morrison said...

Elspeth - ah, you just need the right teacher! It is so fun to work in oils that I really don't care what happens - it is the process - another thing I learned from painting!
Tartlett - yep, tango dancing. Hey speaking of that - someone at a party I was at last night mentioned that one of the airlines had a nude flight a few years back - you should get onto that my deario!
Jemi - thanks and I totally agree - art is art.

Maribeth said...

The paintings are beautiful! That sunset took me to another place.

Your example paragraph left me with much food for thought and I intend to pursue it.