Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Late Friday Challenge (OK - a late Saturday Challenge but it must be Friday somewhere!)

Hello Dear Readers,
I stayed in town yesterday and just got home now - late Saturday aft. My car was at the Toy Box (the mechanics - love you guys!!)and so Ron drove me in and I stayed overnight at one of the Canadian Babe's home after a big babes' sushi fest and love-in. This morning we all met up at the market and sat on the steps and I had one of those moments. They don't happen that often but when they do - ah! The kind of moment I'm talking about is when a person is overwhelmed with bliss in an extraordinarily ordinary moment. All of us were sitting on the wide steps that go down towards Mary's Bread Basket (cinnamon smell here). The regular guitar playing guy was playing - oh, I'm guessing 'Puff the Magic Dragon'. Marion was talking about something with Debra while the two of them sauntered up the stairs with more goodies while Cindy was chatting with her amazing son, Sam and someone was leaning against my back and we were sharing bits of cornish pastie and Molly was telling me a story and I just got all full of love and light and tears sprang from my eyes and Molly asked me "Are you going to sneeze?" which made me laugh and life is very precious.
And then I went and met Ron and my step-dot and my best friend to go see Carmen! A met simul-cast which was a zillion hours long and Ron and the step-dots first ever and the best Carmen - so physical and smart and what a voice.
So this was a very fat saturday indeed.
Your Challenge, Dear Readers, is a very simple one - remember a moment of bliss in ordinary brilliance and write about it in your journal or on your blog, or tell it to someone who will get it or paint a picture of it or just be in it and say out loud - 'right this right now - this is it - this is the good life I'm having'

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Jemi Fraser said...

What a lovely day and a lovely challenge. We have to remember to look for and enjoy those wonderful moments whenever they show up. I'm a firm believer in the fact that the harder you look for them, the more you find.