Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm not a liar - I'm a fantabulist!

I received this award yesterday! Ann from Inkpots N'Quills gave it to me. Thanks Ann!It's for being a good liar or a creative writer depending on how you look at it. I say that writers see endless possibilities and permutations which allow us to take very long flights of the fanciful sort. And I'm sticking to it. I practised my writing skills as a child and teenager with credible stories for my parents and teachers on why I had failed to do something I was given to do - like get home on time. This also allowed me to bear the infinite boredom of being a disenfranchised human being of a short kind because I had to spin tales in my mind thus filling up all those boring chunks of time between fun stuff! I am honoured, therefore, to receive this award and I beg your indulgence when I change the rules slightly! I hear a roar of approval from the crowd. Good - I will proceed.

I am going to play this game the way I learned it - six truths and a lie. You guys get to pick the lie except my family and those who know but hey maybe I just think they know.

1. I swept an elephant with a broom once.
2. I shook hands with Jimi Hendrix.
3. I was a high-lead logger in British Columbia.
4. I streaked through a university pub wearing nothing but a shamrock.
5. I was snorkeling in Cuba and came face to face with a (smallish) shark.
6. I fell into the bottomless pit at Carlesbad Caverns and was saved by my dad grabbing my Mary Maxim sweater (thanks Dad! Thanks Aunt Beth for knitting with steel fibre!)
7. I carried a teapot onto a stage for Allen Ginsberg.

OK - you're all on. And let's see - I pass this award onto
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I'm sure that is more than I'm supposed to but ...and if you already have it please ignore this!

Also - please go to my 300th post of yesterday if you haven't and comment!


Ann said...

Hi Jan, I haven't a notion which one of these fab experiences is the untruth. But I think i will go with the bottomless pit. Sounds true that's why I am picking it.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm going with the streaking one.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I'm hoping they're all true! However, if I have to, I vote for the lie being #1, simply because I think you'd have to sweep an elephant more than once. They're big.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks so much, Jan!

Ohhhh....writers make such good liars. I'd love it if they were all true. :) Um...I'll go with snorkeling with the sharks!


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

My track record on guessing people's lies has not been very good, but I guess I am going with the high-lead logger simply because I don't really know what that is.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi fab women! I cannot tell you anything because I want to leave this open a few more days! I can't even say if one of you is onto the lie or not. Jeesh. I might be a liar but I have a hard time keeping my big mouth shut!
Soon. Check back!

Jemi Fraser said...

All right - I stink at guessing these - I'm going to say the teapot is the truth!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Well, I finally made it over here -- I spent most of my day computer-wrestling, but I think I'm winning.

Congratulations on your award, and thanks for thinking of me as you passed it on. I'm going to guess the lie is the one about streaking through a pub (unless, of course, it was a very large shamrock that covered a lot of territory).

Helen Ginger said...

I'm going to say the Carlsbad Caverns is a lie, but the streaking is the total truth!

Straight From Hel

Stacy Post said...

Thanks for the award, Jan!

I'm guessing the high-lead logger. Only because I'm not quite sure what that is! :) You've had some interesting experiences to say the least!