Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is a fat spring saturday.
Oh I know,
all you wet blankets out there (and in here
don't need to waggle your fingers at me!
I know 'it isn't spring yet' and in fact
'there is no spring here' and 'you're just going
to be disappointed when it snows' and
'don't get your hopes up girly'
last night the step-dot, her bio ma and I went to see
Alice in Wonderlandand
oh it was fun
and the step-dots pals were there
and they wore their very best
Wonderland finery
and girls in twirly skirts is
kinda spring eh?
And this morning we went to the market
and the sun was shining in through
the windows onto the apples
and that's kind of sort of spring, eh?
Hoagy and I went for a woodsy hike
this aft looking for spring.
We smelled mud, we felt mud, we walked in mud.
And mud is surely spring, eh?
The sky, the errant fickle sky was present too.
Long mare's tails in the blue.)
And ice making cameos of dried leaves,
and the slightest hint of pinky bruises at the tips of
the alders.
Certainly that is spring, eh?
We found shadows of the bare trees on the wall,
and chickens delighting in bug searches,
and well - we found spring. Don't scare her - she's skittish,
but she's here. I know. I saw her.
And fat saturdays just got fatter.


Watery Tart said...

I love that term--fat spring Saturday! (and your description of your day) I think I'm having one of those, too. Except the hubby is in one of his persnickety cleaning modes, which means I have to follow hit and keep digging things back out of the garbage that are perfectly fine, but annoying him *rolls eyes* The sunshine though, makes my perspective on everything better!

Jan Morrison said...

Sun! How I missed its shiny face! How everything - even pesky husbands (though a pesky CLEANING husband perhaps I could abide.)
yep - and if you haven't seen Alice yet - do go - don't listen to the old cynical farts - it is a marvel!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Oh, I've found a bit of spring as well. There's nothing like of clump of yellow crocus (or is it crocuses?) to brighten up a dreary day.