Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Challenge!

Oh dear! What will today's challenge be? I really have no idea or worse - I have several ideas. So, hmmmm....I'll just take a minute here and throw the Friday Challenge dart at the Friday Challenge board and see what it hits. Please take a few minutes while I do this to hum 'Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes' or "Oh, My Darling Clementine".
humming noises going on here

more humming

bingo bango she hits the board

no - she doesn't - it bounced off

'nother try

yesssireeeee bob! Success!

Drum roll or more humming, your choice.

Today's Friday Challenge is - write a letter to your hero or heroine (dead or living, real or ficticious). Tell them about yourself - mainly what makes your socks run up and down. What your passions are - why you think they might be interested. After you've written it, fold it up, put it in an envelope, put it on a table in your house and then - being the person you wrote to - pick it up with a "oh a letter for me - how delightful!" open it up, read it and yes - answer it. When you are being your hero(ine) please remember that you would like to encourage this person in their endeavors. You might be more or less kind as you do this - this depends on your personal style - Churchill might be gruff but he isn't to be dismissive, Emily Dickens might be slightly ephemeral but she will hold your best interest at heart. You can do this. It is important to remember these things - you need to have produced a real piece of paper with words on it, either handwritten or typerwrited, in both cases. If you type one you might write the other depending on your hero(ine) and what they might be naturally doing. And you have to put it in an envelope and so on. I want it to feel completely real to your wonderful right brain. OKEY DOKEY! That's it. Two letters...
post script - you do understand, dear readers, that last week's challenge is actually the Meta-Challenge. All others will be to contribute to an understanding of what we are really here for this time around?


L. Diane Wolfe said...

That's an interesting challenge!!!

Mason Canyon said...

Very intriguing challenge.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll do it. Maybe I;'ll find something that has been pushed deep down inside for years. Hiding. Lurking. Doing God knows what down there. They'd better not be making a mess. Hey, turn that music down!

Now you've done it. That's why I don't like doing these types of exercises. Now I have to ask myself, "Do you think there's anything wrong with me?"

Stephen tremp

Cruella Collett said...

If I am to take this extremely literal - "be your own heroine" - it can be argued that I already did this years ago. At the age of 14 I wrote a letter to myself at 19. For some reason, I never opened it at 19. I still have the letter (somewhere).
I wonder if it wouldn't be as interesting for me to try to find this letter and then read it (at 24). I seem to remember that the 14-year old me was extremely wise, at the point of divine insight, actually. With the years I have either lost this wisdom, or (perhaps *slightly* more accurate) gained the wisdom to know I don't know everything.
But it would sure be interesting to find out!

Jan Morrison said...

Diane - I can't wait to see what you do with it!
Mason - thanks for dropping by - I'm heading to your site to visit you!
Awcomeon Stephen! Check it out - I bet your inner chickens are having a big party and they've been waiting years for you to join them!
Oh Cruella - nobody knows more than a fourteen year old girl except maybe a twelve year old girl - they are the best - they really rock. Find the letter!