Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Perception Safari from my bed...

the frozen ocean through the window
light inside and out

a giraffe in my bed!

trees paying homage to the sun

through a glass darkly

on the shrine

cows graising on my bureau

sneaking up on the wild coverlet


Anonymous said...

Hello perception safari fairy, I love the way you look. Such a variety of things waiting to be seen from a single vantage point. I suppose there's an instruction there waiting to be applied to everything. It's easier when I'm seeing your room through your eyes for the first time. How do I continue to see MY room through my eyes for the first time?

Stacy Post said...

Nice glimpse of your world, Jan! I like the shrine photo best...I think it's because the background is so blurry in contrast to the focus on the pendant. It looks like it's straight from a magazine. Thanks for sharing!

Jan Morrison said...

oh anonymous - what a brilliant question. It could be the restriction of the form - in my case - one camera, one vantage point, two lenses (regular and long). From a Miksang point of view it was the inspiration in the moment - the morning light, the shadows, the warm and cool colours. Also, from a far more mundane stance, it was a desire to use my new long lense! And stay in bed. One of the ways I did it was to think about each aspect of my bedroom as telling a bit about me as well...but that is very conceptual I'm sure.
Stacy - and with that same thought, I'm so glad you like seeing a glimpse of my world. My favourite is the coverlet picture! I did an outdoor safari yesterday as well. Perhaps I'll post some of those pictures tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What about in words? Would you be able to Miksang your perception of the room if words were your camera?