Tuesday, December 29, 2009


T'aint the New Year yet and t'aint Christmas - just that weird bardo inbetween. Today is Tuesday and Gwen and I are writing all day! Just got back from walking the beast and now we're back at it (or will be in a moment or two). I'm working on The Sojourners - a novel based on my experiences in a west-coast logging town. It isn't a mystery - not yet anyway. I think it is 'my one'. The story that I have to write and that I've put off for years as too big, too much, too painful etc... but now I'm entering it and it is fine. The two main characters have stopped being me and the friend I met there and become their own dear complex selves - some of the bones are from the old truth but they are fleshing out in different ways. I know what I want to tell and I am working my way cautiously forward in the story - shining my little light here and there - and I feel it becoming coherent. The structure is not going to be imposed, it will have to be more like a crystalization than a foundation. So. That is the writing front.


Liz in PA said...

Happy New Year Jan and to all your Family~

I think you must be one of THE MOST FASCINATING people I have ever been in contact with! I just knew you had many many stories in your lifetime. Some to post/some not. But all will be testament to your whole being!

Thank you for keeping on with this Blog....you do so much writing and all the intrigue keeps me following right along!

Liz in PA ♥♥♥

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Well, this new work sounds exciting. Sounds like a story you should tell. I’m glad you’ve decided to take it on. You’ll do it justice.

Happy New Year, Jan—and thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog. You’re much appreciated.

Best Regards, Galen.

Imagineering Fiction Blog

Marvin D Wilson said...

Sounds like your muse is coming along quite nicely. Go for it!

The Old Silly

Tom Bailey said...

A story brewing for years that you are getting out? Sounds like the makings for something great and a big release of positive energy for you.

Jan Morrison said...

Liz - I am so happy you trundle along with me and my whimsies! I hope you and your husband and your lovely coos (scottish for cows!) are all good.
Galen - I am excited entering the story as it has been cooking away since 1980. I spent some time with my friend from that time, this summer, and she gave me a blessing to go ahead with the telling of it.
Marvin - yes, this is the story my muse has been patiently waiting for me to write. She/he (seems to change gender quite fluidly) lets me take on all sorts of other projects but every once in awhile clears his/her throat and gestures to my heart - 'ready I think' the muse mutters.
Tom - I'll need that energy to carry my plan to fruition but I feel it gathering!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

Helen Ginger said...

Sounds like you're having fun and enjoying the process and the words. I hope the "muse" stays with you right to the end.

Straight From Hel

Stacy Post said...

How I envy your writing buddy days! (Note to self: must find local writing buddy to meet with weekly.) Congrats on delving into a new story. You go, girl! I think there's always a kernel of life experience in the beginnings of a novel, but what you turn it into ends up being something quite different. I say write your heart out and blur the lines later. Best of luck!

Jan Morrison said...

Oh Helen - that muse! She/he can be fickle but really in the end it is never my muse but my own desire to show up. If I show up so does he/her.
Stacy - YES! Get a writing buddy. It is invaluable! And thanks for your enthusiasm!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Enjoy! And have fun with that writing buddy. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oo, which West Coast logging town? I lived in Western Canada back in the day and still have relatives out there. I am also working on "my one" "I think", good luck to you and to me!!!

Jan Morrison said...

Thank you TWO Elizabeths! I got a fair bit done yesterday so it was good. Not today though - today I have clients. I plan to work on New Year's Day though - just for luck.
The town where I lived is called Zeballos and it is on the western Northern end of Vancouver Island. I have no romanticism about it - I despised it.