Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Gomish!

Dear Readers,
Today is Boxing Day here in Canada. That could mean that folks are lining up at Future Shop to get great deals or that they are lying around on their couches reading books they got as gifts and moaning that they are still full from yesterday. I don't know what Boxes have to do with it. I'd like to take the tree down today. Yes, I would. I don't like it up before the solstice and then I want it down. But I will wait a few days, I guess.

As it happens, tomorrow is my very favourite holiday - Gomish. Ah, you are not familiar with this holiday perhaps. It only has six celebrants so that is not surprising. Every year, on a day between Christmas and the New Year, we merry band of gomishers meet at an undisclosed farm house in Merigomish, Nova Scotia, for a festive time. Drinks are drunk - special drinks like Tequilla Mockingbird or Cuba Tres Libre or Rum Knock-out Punch. Food is prepared by the resident chef. We get there on the designated day (chosen serendipitously by all on Boxing Day) by about three in the afternoon and have the cocktail of the day - or a beer or a glass of wine for the unadventurous amongst us. Then we talk and talk and laugh and laugh and eat wonderful little amuse bouches. We give each other very elaborately prepared gifts - only one rule for Gomish gifts - they must be made by hand or shopped for in our own homes. This is DEEPLY satisfying to all. We have a big deal dinner with candles and more talk and more drinks and just plain more. At various times some of us wander out into the starlight to smoke and shiver. After dinner we will play some sort of mad game like Pictionary or Cranium. This year I'm bringing a new game - Picktwo - which the Morrison clan played at my father's 85th celebration. I highly recommend it.
Eventually the men will wander upstairs to bed but the three women will not. We will have our little coven gathering where we declare our undying love for each other and our expressions of incredible joy that we have once again evaded the dark riders. We are grateful beyond all measure at the treasure that is our lives. Especially this year.


Helen Ginger said...

What a fabulous group of friends and it sounds like a wonderful gathering. We should all have such a holiday!

Straight From Hel

Michele Emrath said...

Oh-so-fabulous! Many Merry Gomishes to come to you!


Jan Morrison said...

It is entirely within your grasp to have a Merry Gomish, Helen! Just remember that the dark lords of materialism must be barred from the door, although the orphaned child of many may enter and receive healing!Laughter and talk is the medicine and the long nights of winter are made for this.
Michele - and many to you too!
May the bright pink and orange light of Gomish shine on your abode, however grand or humble it may be!
(one of the side effects of celebrating Gomish is the rather strange way one begins to talk and gesture...)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Love the idea of Gomish. Must get together some like minded souls and start celebrating that myself. There is so much for us to be thankful about, whether we have a lot or not.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Rayna - go forward and celebrate. the guidelines are as follows - adults who adore each other, gifts encouraged but must be hand-made (or cooked) or found in the home of the giver. The harder it is to unpry your own fingers the more worthy of gifting it is! Food, plenty of but neither neccesarily exotic or expensive. Drink that suits the crowd - sparkling water or made-up cocktails. Games requiring some word play - lots of laughter and talk. Love in the greatest quantity.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I like the name and it sounds as if Gomish is definitely a special time to look forward to each year.

Southpaw said...

Wow! that sounds like the best holiday of all!!!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh my! Gomish sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

My dear -

you are the winner

of the hallowig.

Your choice of glorious color,

just pick the one you want and congratulations. I am so glad it was you.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

And what a wonderful way to begin the upcoming new year... -Jayne