Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dolly a Day

Rebecca is my oldest dolly - or rather I should say, she is the one I've had the longest - there are older ones. Her best friends are Alouisious, the bear and Vi, the hoyden. I'm going to include a photo of the dolly shrine so you can get a sense of the magnitude of dollydom in my life.


Cindy said...

You don't have enough days till Christmas to show all these dollies! LOL!!

I have only one.....the one that was my favorite as a little girl. I love looking for unique dolls for our only GD. She loves them, so soon her collection will look like yours!

Helen Ginger said...

Wow, you have a lot of wonderful dolls. I had one doll I saved from childhood, but it got destroyed in a fire. I do still have my much loved bear, though. He wears a Santa hat every Christmas.

Straight From Hel

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks guys!
Cindy!!! Yay! I've missed you. Yes, you understand the collecting bug I am sure. I'll only show some of the collection that's why I put the pic of the whole shebang. I make a dolly shrine for solstice every year but last year I didn't take it down. I will this year though as it is hard on them to hang in the sun all year. The one on top - Rebecca is my doll from when I was five. She had a soft rubber body though which rotted as I dragged her everywhere so her body is from a green stamp doll! It was a Reliable - a Canadian brand. I only get dolls because I love their faces - I don't care how old they are or what they are 'worth'. To me they are little people.
Helen - I'm so sorry about your dolly. A fire! When you were young or as an adult. I'd really miss all my dolls. Though I have given some away to my granddaughter. My step-dot isn't remotely interested. :(

Liz in PA said...

Oh My! I can only remember one doll I had as a child of maybe 8yrs old. The doll was one of those gaudy large faced dollbaby w/sausage long hanging brown curls, pink satin shiny bonnet, and matching pink satin shiny dress
w/lace on the hem of the dress, and on the rim of the bonnet. Not really pretty...but a fond memory!
I still have a couple dolls from my daughter when she was young, saved in my Cedar Chest!
Why, you ask?
I don't know why, because she is not in the least interested in them. BUT maybe one day, her daughters will want and cherish them too!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

My sister and my oldest daughter LOVE dolls. You guys would get along just fine. I love collecting stuff. It's the bomb.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Liz - of course you can't throw it out - it is a little sentient being!
Elizabeth - I love my dolls and I think I am collecting them but really they are collecting me.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Love your dollie shrine, Jan. Wish I still had mine with me. Growing up, my dollies were my best friends - each was a person with a distinct personality. I grew up, moved out, but the dollies remained in my mom's house where I thought they were safe. Didn't meet them too often, but cherished each of those meetings, even if I never spoke about them to my mom.
And then one day, she gave them all away, because she thought I no longer cared for them :-(
I hope they are happy. I hope the kids they are with cherish them as much as I did. And I miss them like crazy.