Monday, December 7, 2009

content removed from recent post due to second thoughts! room good, reception more than swell. Love is the answer.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Oh, it looks so much better! Great job. I think she'll love it.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

Oh, Jan, this is really nice. She probably won't appreciate it, at least not until she's older, but the sentiment is wonderful.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi you two! - I got home, saw the light up in the room, my sweet patootie making dinner. I asked - 'did she say anything?' "no." then I went into my office. On top of my desk was the note from above that I had copied and put on her bed. Under it was - My room smells good! Really good! x Step-dot
This is a major victory!