Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Writing Life

Port Royale

I did my thousand yesterday - it is 7:14 AM and I'm going to do my thousand today. I must admit, I feel like I'm floundering a bit. I had my chops down well with The Rock Walker but now I go from project to project and don't feel all that connected to any of it. I think I need to plan - something quite foreign to me in some regards. I wrote RW in order to learn how to structure and plot - do I continue with the mysteries or go back to True, regardless of my lack of knowledge about the area in which my characters have so blithely chosen to live?

Or do I work on Sojourner, which I believe may be my heart book. Or jump in to the second in the Kitty MacDonald books with the one about Annapolis Royal. You understand, dear readers, I'm not asking you to answer this. I'm merely floundering outloud as I find it helps somewhat. Also, a tiny voice asks me, 'what about your first novel - it could use a rewrite?' but I think I'll ignore that one for now. Yikes!

One photo today is from my trip to Annapolis Royal - perhaps I'm leaning in that direction! The other is from our own dear High Head at Prospect and a walk I took with my long lost friend. (Sojourner beckoning).


Elspeth Antonelli said...

Sit down and write. You'll discover pretty quickly which project you should be working on. Side note: Don't worry too much about not knowing the setting personally. The internet is wonderful!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm with Elspeth on this one. ;-)

Jan Morrison said...

Yep, today my heart went to the second mystery WIP "Earth Bound". And I flew at it no problem. Lots of gardening in it and that is fun. I'll keep going. Just need to mull out loud.

Anne Crossman said...

If I may be so bold, please work on the one set in Annapolis Royal - I live close by and believe it is absolutely made for stories!