Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I did 3 thousand words today. I'm still behind - I'm at 13,018 and I should be at 16,670 or something like that but hey I can catch up. I'm having a ball - being madly inventive and really just charging away. I've developed some good solid characters that I'm having fun with and yes - a dog made it into the book - his name is Fergus and he's a very particular dog in a very ordinary way. I've also discovered some ways that my protagonist uses her mind and her memories of what her mentor Detective D'Entremont has told her about investigating murder. I like them and I think my readers will too. More importantly perhaps, I like the sheer inventiveness of this part. Without imagination where would the world be now? And why isn't it used more freely in all aspects of life. Imagine a world without it! Nothing that we hold dear would be present - no one could have created anything including social reform or the bagpipes. (Ok perhaps everyone doesn't love the bagpipes but for sheer inventiveness they can't be beat)
Now, I'm going to go and get to work on another hat I'm doing for my dear dear Willa who turns 15 this Thursday. I was there when she was born - the first non medical person to hold her and she was my very first birth experience that didn't include me as the mother! So later my dear readers. Hmmmm....a picture I think. But not sure of what...we'll see. I think they'll have to be from my Annapolis Royal album so I can keep in the space of my novel. One from the garden and one from Fort Anne - both important places in the book.


Helen Ginger said...

I love that picture of Fort Anne. With the cannons, you figure it must be some underground bunker, but with the wooden gate, I almost hoped it was an underground house. What fun it would be to live in there.

Congrats on the NaNo writing. Yeah, you're behind, but you're still writing.

Straight From Hel

Stacy Post said...

Go-go-go, Jan! (That's me waving pom-poms from Indiana.) I didn't try NaNoWriMo this time around. But maybe next year!

Mr. Walker said...

Keep going! You'll catch up. I completely agree with you about imagination. We so overlook it, and NaNoWriMo shines a light on it for a month every year. By they way, I love the photos you have posted. Beautiful, and nicely composed!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Gosh, busy girl. I want to read this book! Sounds good.

grrl + dog said...

I imagine characters are born too, and coem alive and grow and mature, do they?

As you live with them in your mind they tell you things?