Friday, November 13, 2009

I love Friday evenings don't you? And my work is sooooo...not Monday to Friday that I don't know why I do. Tonight I'm going to get my thousand or so in - and get on to Willa's hat. The kids will muff around - here or there - there will be no sense of urgency. Step-dot and I plan to go to the market early and stay for a minimum amount of time. We're stocking up on writing snacks and coming back with the intention of catching up on our nanowrimo word count. For me that's about 5 thousand words maybe more and I'm not sure where S-d is. I want to write in between raking and pulling the fence around the garden down - my Sweet Patootie has told me he will build a REAL fence next year. Yay! So later dear readers. Hope you see my totals go up and up!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I too love Friday nights. There's just something about them. You go, girl, sounds like you're on a roll with the words spilling out of you like mad.