Thursday, November 26, 2009

a handsome man I know

the lovely dips at Fort Anne which feature in Earth Bound

Tomorrow I will break forty thou! I will do this people - I will win the nanowrimo challenge - huzzah huzzah! And it is kind of fun (she said with a twisted look to her mouth). Last night when the dear one's snores got too loud for me to sleep I came downstairs and wrote a thousand words. And this morning I did my remaining two thou in very quick order. I mean I'm going to have a BIG MESS when I'm finished but that's OK. I can deal. And it will be nice to think my usual two thou is a snaparoooni.
So later dear readers...later.


Helen Ginger said...

Congratulations! Really. That's a huge accomplishment.

Incidentally, I found when my DH snores too loud, I can poke him and make him turn over. Usually he quiets long enough for me to get to sleep.

Straight From Hel

Anonymous said...

Well done! I set out on the NaNoWriMo adventure but have been defeated by my lack of organizational skills. I have five children and am preparing to leave France for Canada in summer. I have also missed having any other participants nearby - I'm the lone participant in Provence. All pathetic excuses. I have clocked about 16000 words and hope to participate next year in Toronto. Just wanted you to know I think you're awesome for getting this far!

Jan Morrison said...

Thank you both! I feel good and I just keep doing it - I broke forty thou this morning and now I know I can get to the end. I'm actually writing what really happened (in the mystery) I finally know who are darn killer is so I'm figuring it out from there now. As I said - a big tangle but I feel good.

Jan Morrison said...

oh and Helen - he doesn't sleep on his back. I have done EVERYTHING !! He doesn't have a snoring problem - I do! It's him but it's all my problem. Once I figured that out I decided to make a very nice nest downstairs so I can leave before I feel like sticking things in his eyeballs. Yep.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Many congratulations! I'm in awe. I also sympathize with you about the snoring, although you seem to be a better soul than I. I've thought about suffocation. Also, why should I have to leave my warm comfy bed because someone else is keeping me awake? Shouldn't they be the one to leave? My experience being the male of the species can fall asleep anywhere in record time whereas the female of the species takes a quite a bit longer.


Jan Morrison said...

Right Elspeth - I so agree with you and as I said, I had this epiphany one night- I have a snoring problem. He will go downstairs but I have to wake him up to do it. I avoid it by liking the alternative. I go down and am comfy and read with the light on - I hate reading with the light off! Also, I take the moral high ground and get many points for that I'm sure. Ha!