Wednesday, November 4, 2009

200th Post!

Armoury at Fort Anne

I did two thousand words and change today. One thousand this morning and I just did another thousand. Even better than that I have all these new people in my life that I didn't have before. I have excruciatingly correct gardeners and beleaguered b&b hosts and wildly eccentric relatives of the deceased. It is like the very best of parties suddenly in my head. Oh, I do love this part. Do I say that for every part? Why yes I do and it is true each time! I also have sitting rooms decorated entirely in pink and jumpy local cops and pretty soon I think a dog will show up. Not a puppy though. I'd like a puppy but I think it will be an older dog. There's a parallel world in my head (make that a thousand parallel worlds) and they want out. And I'm going to help them.

On the real plane of existance my poor step-son has H1N1 or the piggy flu as it is called around here. He got it Sunday and he's still at his mom's. She's just come down with it and my step-dot is probably going to fold next. We said we'd take her but no - she wanted to stick around. No one seems to be too deadly with it. Just a crummy flu. We took her to the movies the other night so... we saw Where the Wild Things Are and she and I loved it. Her dad not so much. Ah well.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congratulations on your 200th, Jan!

I'm sorry to hear about your stepson's piggy flu. I'll agree with you that it seems most like the regular flu than anything too horrid. Something to be aware of....sometimes when they've had it for a while, it can turn into bronchitis. The cough is pretty wicked. When it gets to that point, the antibiotics the docs prescribe work really well.

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Jan Morrison said...

Yes, well his mother is phsiotherapist and works at the hospital so it is not so surprising they are all going down that road. I know about the bronchitis part because that is the fear I have. I have seasonal asthma and yes this is the season (until everything is hard frozen) and I've gotten bronchitis and pneumonia many times. I was supposed to get the shot in the first run but then they ran out and took me off the endangered list. Now supposedly they are saying that those of us who have been getting the flu shots regularly are more at risk. Jeesh! I refuse to panic however. Ron (sweet patootie to you all) says he doesn't feel good today. He is still going off to work though - he is a builder and is working alone in an empty apartment so at least if he is ill he won't infect anyone. I feel fine.

Jan Morrison said...

Did I say phsiotherapist - ha! I mean physiotherapist.

Stacy Post said...

Congrats on your 200th post and the two thousand words today. Your keyboard must be smokin' hot! :)